Zorells – All the Details Behind Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

An oval ring has an elongated shape, a flattering effect, and allows a diamond or a gemstone such as a sapphire or a ruby to look bigger than it is, enhancing your ring. An oval-cut gemstone can be popular whether you’re looking for vintage-inspired, rare, or timeless jewelry.


This cut is becoming more and more preferred and can be incorporated into any setting in your custom jewelry in Bismarck, from a diamond pave band to solitaire or even a three-stone setting.


Why oval rings are so appealing

Oval-cut diamond jewelry is an outstanding choice and appeals to a variety of brides that are looking for something different and unique. They are great for women who love classic jewelry that also feels fresh and feminine as well as rare. For women who want more modern jewelry cuts like pears or even a marquise is apt.


An oval engagement ring offers a flattering and elongated shape which is more unique than other cuts. It also allows your gemstone to look larger than it would as compared to other cuts so even if you go for a smaller gemstone, it will still look bigger.


Selecting an oval ring

Keep in mind that you need to check the best diamond pricesk and ensure that the gemstone you get is truly unique. Oval-cut engagement rings can be long and thin or even wide and round. You will also find that some have a flattering round or even pointed edges.


Once you’ve picked the stone you love, you can decide how you want the setting to look to best highlight the stone. Since most brides wear their rings every day, they want to go in for something they love and this cut provides them with that.


There is a range of settings you can go in for, but they won’t highlight your gemstone, as well as an oval cut, does. This cut is the ideal setting along with a gemstone it provides even visibility, hue, and brightness throughout.


The Bottom Line

With such a beautiful design an oval cut paired with a lovely diamond is the ideal ring for a bride who wants a touch of classic, timeless and unique. It can make a simple solitaire setting stand out that much more and create a stunning and eye-catching shine for your ring which offsets your entire outfit.


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