You simply take your item to the auction house


You simply take your item to the auction house, and RS Gold set a price to let it sell at. You pay half the low alch worth of the item t put your item in the industry. You recieve an Auction ticket (believe bank note) of your product stating that you offered it, then you wait. If your item is sold within 24 hours, then you’ll find a little notification saying your item was sold, and you may return to the auction house with your auction ticket to pick up your money. In case your item isn’t sold within 24 hours, you return to the auction house with your auction ticket and choose back your items, or rinse and repeat.

You’d proceed the auction house, and search to find the thing you need. Should they have countless sales of that product, you might navigate through and find the ideal quantity and price for you! Then you press buy, and also a conformation display would confirm your purchase, and you have the product, and the auction house carries the cash. Each world would have two auction houses, 1 on f2p 1 and side on p2p side. No more transaction junk! yay! More thoughts to come (add to the list)

Jagex knows about them. Everyone needs them. It’s been at the back of everyone’s mind – so when they release it? Player Owned Shops has been discussed in the past sometime on any forum that is related to runescape. It has been in the back of our minds and Jagex’s minds. Therefore, why haven’t they published player owned stores yet? You can have people that help clients who work in the store the clerks. You can have the people who bring the things to your store (Woodcutters, Miners, Smithers etc.). And then you’ve got the acountant who’ll handle all of the buisness’s funds. And then there is the owner, president or CEO of the company. If it is a little shop it’s owner. If it’s a president it’s a larger shop, but not huge. If it is a firm wiith many shops and alot of employees he is called the CEO.

Player Owned Shops is not a skill. The Owner of the store, store or buisness, can make unique shops. When it is a larger company, they are able to have a maximum of 5 stores. It may only have one type of thing (I.E. Logs, Ores and bars, runes etc.). This is so POS won’t compete with NPC owned stores. You may start off with one store. Players can get to the shop by using a POS portal site (In same town’s as POH’s). After they choose that a note will appear in the chat screen saying”Purchase request sent to owner.” This is only if the owner does not want to sell all of his inventory and want’s to spare some of his inventory, because they are low on the item. The proprietor will have the ability to Buy OSRS Gold set the prices (No more or less than GE prices). Prices can be adjusted according to fluxuating GE prices. Now on the workers.

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