Yoga Mat Bag – An Ultimate Guideline to Buy One

There is no denying that buying a yoga mat bag is the smartest decision as it helps you carry your huge burdensome yoga mat in a comfortable and stylish way while protecting it all possible damages that may happen during the course of transporting it also preventing it common air-borne dirt and dust.

Irrespective of whether you use a bicycle, a motorcycle, or get a public transport or reach the gym center on foot, equipped with a mat bag, all you have to do is to tightly roll your mat and then place it inside the bag through its upper opening section. Thereby, now you can effectively and easily carry your costly mat while tossing it over-the-shoulder or crosswise on your back while using a motorcycle/ or bicycle steadily and without any hassle. However, before choosing and shopping your gym mat bag, you must not disregard having online research and considering the specification on the ad, which explains the size of the bag.

Size of your mat

As you can now shop your mat bag via online or offline sports goods shops, ensure that it is matching with the mat’s size that helps store your mat correctly with less hassle. Even if the bag is one size bigger than the mat, it would not be disappointing to you rather than choosing a smaller bag compared to the mat. This requires you to take the appropriate measurement of the mat and accordingly buy the bag online. In order to obtain the appropriate size, you have to take the get the dimension of your mat while measuring its thickness as well as length and thereby use that information to purchase the correct mat bag for storing and carrying your mat.

Type of material

The next determining factor is the correct selection of the material type of your yoga mat bag. As a health enthusiast, it’s quite realistic that similar to other yogis, you should prefer having a bag made of an eco-friendly organic fabric that helps prevent your mat from getting moist due to suffocation instead of buying an inexpensive poly-propylene or low grade nylon. Essentially, as you invest considerably to obtain a superior quality mat, always consider shopping a breathable type of material that protects your mat from possible growth of bacteria or germs while spoiling the hygiene of your mat and affecting your wellbeing. Similarly, you can choose mat bags made of center ballistic nylon incorporated with air passing holes and consistently supply needed air that your mat deserves while storing or carrying it to attend yoga within the country or abroad.

Inner Pockets, Color and Straps

Remarkably, the largest numbers of yogis nowadays consider investing in a yoga mat bag that comes with several in-built pockets and pouches of the assorted size that help to store your most essential belongings such as towels, yoga outfits or your money purse inside the pockets with zippers. When it comes to choosing your favorite design and color, you can locate plenty of color choices or attractive printed ones. Finally, if you use a motorcycle, consider buying a bag with a long strap that enables you to carry your bag crisscross on your back, otherwise, go for a common but durable one to get-going slinging your mat on the sideways.


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