Why You Should Hire a Professional for AC Installation O’Fallon?


Did you know proper installation is the key to maximizing the efficiency of AC? Installing a new AC system is not a DIY project. It takes a thorough understanding of safety, equipment operation and even local building codes to get the job done right. In case, if the AC installation in O’Fallon isn’t done properly, the efficiency of your AC will be reducing, as the same time, your AC won’t long last. Also, improperly installed systems can pose carbon monoxide poisoning, deadly risks of fire, and other dangers. Here, we have shared the top 3 most serious ways in which shoddy installation work can rob you of the benefits of your new AC system.

1. Leaky Air Ducts 

Leaky air ducts are a primary cause of Ac efficiency loss, and there’s just no point in upgrading to an energy efficient system. So, after the professional AC installation should include an inspection of the duct system, and replacement or AC repair in O’Fallon MO should be conducted, if necessary.

Cause of Leaky Air Ducts,

– Higher energy bills
– Create air quality problems
– Clog your air filters at an alarming rate
– Create hot and cold spots in your home

2. Improper Refrigerant Charging

Did you know air conditioners will be charged with refrigerant to exact specifications? When undercharged, an AC unit will develop frost or ice on its cooling coils and will fail to effectively cool your home. It can also lead to an overheating of the compressor motor, which can cause major damage to the unit. You might not realize the problem until that first energy bill arrives. So, have an inspection and figure out the problem? Hire the professional for heating and cooling repair in O’Fallon MO as soon as possible, before causing irreversible damage.

Mismatched System Size

A complex formula must be applied to determine your AC system’s capacity that is just right for your unique home. If an installer misapplies this formula, which means size, it ends up with both a spiraling energy bill and an uncomfortable home. This can dramatically shorten the lifespan of the unit and result in high indoor humidity in the summer, leaving your home feeling clammy.

Wrapping Up

Today’s AC systems are much more energy efficient than those of the past, but can only work their best when they are installed correctly. Once you have professional air conditioning installation performed, you will likely never think about it being there again.

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