Why More First Home Buyers Prefer New Homes in a Post-COVID World

An increased demand for high quality space is one of the most obvious impacts of COVID on the first time home buyer market. Buyers are becoming less and less interested in high-rise city living. On the contrary, more and more buyers are becoming focused on lifestyle-centered suburban homes like Rouse Hill development where they can still access conveniences like schools, cafes and restaurants. This makes sense as COVID has highlighted to many buyers that high density living comes with obvious disadvantages which are not for everyone.

New homes have become popular particularly amongst first time home buyers in a post-COVID world. Many buyers are discovering that they can create their dream space for less money than an older home. Most of them are also interested in having an accessible garden space. This usually comes as a blank canvas when buying a house and land package. As a result, more buyers are concluding that new home and land packages like a Rouse Hill land release tick a lot of their boxes.

Landen Director Rashed Panabig said that a new home is easily the better choice than an older home for any first time home buyer. He thinks that a new home can give the buyer the capacity to build a dream home where everything is brand new and maintenance free. All these benefits are to be enjoyed even without having to sacrifice convenience. For instance, a Rouse Hill land for sale is located right next to shopping centres, train stations and schools. With this kind of land package, the buyer will also get a lovely garden because it is 500sqm. He adds that this offering is a great location for people who want to enjoy a lifestyle that is both easy and convenient.

The author is a professional property development Sydney expert. With a team of professionals, he helps his customers achieve their goals by providing property expertise and delivering our very own quality home and land estates. Visit https://landen.com.au/ for more details.

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