Why machinery loan is the best choice for your factory upgradation?

The benefits of utilizing modern technology and versed equipment are many. To procure the maximum output out of the aforesaid, most SME and MSME businesses are seeking tactful opportunities to catapult their business with an equipment up-gradation. However, a lack of sufficient working capital is a constraint that most entrepreneurs experience, which in fact causes a serious impact on the growth ambitions and the positive reputation of a company. A progressive entrepreneur knows that it takes money to make money. You know that every piece of equipment or machinery is pivotal to seal the deal and generate better revenue! But just because your business is booming or you are ready for expansion, doesn’t mean you have sufficient cash flow to take your ambition to the next level. In such a scenario, resorting to external funding by TAB Capital Limited should be your ideal choice. However, it is recommended to estimate the true costs earned and incurred first. If you gauge that your potential return on the investment shall outweigh your debt, you must simply go for it!

You may need a machinery loan or assistance in machine finance and refinance to make a big move. TAB Capital Limited provides you tailor-made solutions that help you reap optimum benefits from machinery loans, which can be implemented to boost your productivity and stay ahead of the competition.  You can use machine financing to purchase any kind of equipment as per your business model. Our machinery loans help you fund the lease or purchase of new machinery. With a quick approval and disbursal process, our finance solution helps you focus on your goal and makes the machine financing implementation absolutely hassle free!

So, if you’re planning to upgrade your factory with up-to-the-mark technology equipment, here are a few good things to know before you avail a machinery loan for a company kickstart:

  1. Equipment loans provisions by TAB Capital do not require any collaterals or security deposits. There is no compulsion on putting one’s personal business assets at stake to qualify for a machinery loan.
  2. Repayment is a concern that bugs business personals. However, TAB Capital believes in facilitating maximum flexibility in terms of repayment for entrepreneurs. Our repayment tenure extends up to 7 years!
  3. Machinery loan amounts are offered up to 90%, so as to help MSME businesses scale up.
  4. There are no pre-payment charges to be paid once you pay off your loan with any surplus funds. However, this varies from one organization to other.
  5. Quick disbursal of capital, post verification, by TAB Capital speeds up the inflow of capital to entrepreneurs, for buying equipment.

Equipment financing can get your business on track. So, without further ado, invest in tangible assets that will give your business a more wholesome value. After all, the primary agenda is to explore newer opportunities that arise in your entrepreneurial journey without any inhibitions.



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