Why Choose Calacatta Marble For Your Kitchen?


Many homeowners tend to limit marble usage to low-traffic areas like side tables, chair rails, and bathroom vanity. But, the fact is the dramatic veins and swirls are best displayed when it is displayed in large applications like floors, kitchen countertop, and backsplashes. Marbles have rich veining and majestic depth, making them a great choice for kitchen countertops and flooring as they will never go out of style. While Marble comes in a range of styles, Carrara and Calacatta Marble are the two different and dominant styles.

Here’s why you need to opt for calacatta marble:-

There’s a reason why many famous sculptures and artworks are made of marble. For centuries, marble has been a hallmark of tradition and luxury. From artwork to architecture, marble is an ideal stone as it is capable of bearing immense weight.

Calacatta Marble slabs have broad and large veins and bid movement compared to Carrrara and other types of marble slabs. The style of calacatta marble is more dramatic and luxurious, making it a perfect choice for statement Kitchen Island. Due to its variation, Calacatta marble is widely used in large applications by designers.

Calacatta marble Sydney is very rare and more of white instead of grey. Also, calacatta slabs have thicker and more predominant patterns. In addition to it, since calacatta marble has hues of brown throughout, it makes the veining more stunning.

Calacatta marble comes in three different finishes, including:-


Compared to honed and leathered, polished marble gives an iconic gloss that exhibits its bright whites and sparkle of the stone. It is one of the most popular choices among commercial and residential owners as it gives the stone a luxurious appearance and more importantly, it is easier to clean and maintain. However, marble is prone to scratches, scuffs, streaks, and etches. So, regular maintenance is crucial.


Honed marble comes with a matte finish ranging from flat to semi-matte, making it less prone to scratches and scuffs. It is so softer and warmer rather than sterile and pristine. While honed marble hides scratches, it is prone to stains and requires frequent sealing.


Leathered marble gives a more natural feel with a different texture that mimics the natural stone. It is the perfect option for emphasizing the straight from earth aesthetic feel to your kitchen.

It can be challenging to choose the right marble stone for your kitchen countertop. However, we can make the process easier for you. Contact Avant stone and let us help you select the ideal stone.

NihilRawal is a director of Avant Stone, the leading marble supplier in Sydney. To find out more about Calacatta Marble, visit www.avantstone.com.au.


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