Why a Sustainable Office Space is Better Than a Conventional One

The impacts of global warming are as such that we must wake up to join hands together. The plastic wastes are affecting our planet in various levels. Massive food wastage is also raising a concern globally. Some recent study revealed that office wastage produced globally is so huge that it needs to be bought to our attention. It is time for all of us to adopt sustainable measures for our home and office spaces collectively:

  • Sustainable Furnishing

Choose furniture that are ethically sourced without harming the environment. Buy furniture made from recycled and sustainably harvested wood. If you want to keep it minimalistic, choose environment wood furniture at a much lower cost.

  • Eco Rugs

A beautiful rug can liven up the reception area of your office space in Kolkata IT Park. A hand-woven carpet made with cotton or jute looks beautiful. Get locally sourced hand-woven rugs for your office space.

  • Toxic-fumes Free Paint

Paint your entire office with sustainable paints, without the toxic chemicals and fumes. There are a few companies offering sustainable painting solutions for houses and commercial properties.

  • Recycled Floor & Wall Tiles

These days tiles are used to make beautiful decorative patterns on walls and floors. Recycled tiles are repurposed from scrap pieces of tiles. Use recycled tiles on a mosaic pattern for a wall in your office.

  • Solar Energy Powered Lights

Natural sunlight is the best source of light to brighten up any space. Glass paneling and skylights are a great way to allow daylight to stream inside the office. You can also cut down on your electricity usage and save energy by using solar powered lights. Install solar powered lights in your office space.

  • Bio-Degradable Cutlery

Do not use plastic bags, cutlery or containers. Use bio-degradable tissue instead of paper tissue. Recycled tissue paper helps to save our environment and reduce wastage.

  • Ceramic Dishware

Plastic dishware and containers are harmful for health. Even BPA-free plastic has some health hazards. So, consider ceramic or china dishware and cutlery to store food for your office. Ceramics also come at a fraction of a cost compared to fine china. Get some colorful ceramic earthen pots, dishes, bowls and cutlery for the pantry.

  • Sustainable Décor & Stationery

Jute and bamboo are versatile as décor and storage items. Put a jute basket with some fresh fruits and nuts on the office snack counter. Use bamboo pen stands and stationery holders for eco-friendly options. Bamboo chairs and chaise lounges look trendy in the reception area.



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