What Questions to Ask Roofing Companies in Albuquerque When Hiring

Regardless of, you’re on the lookout for suitable roofing companies in Albuquerque, for a fresh installation of your commercial or home roofing system or to deal with a leaking or damaged roof, unsurprisingly, picking your desired roofing contractor can be a challenging deal. Before interviewing your shortlisted roofing companies, you may be wondering about what makes a roofing solution provider genuine, reliable, and upright. According to experts asking questions or ‘questioning’ the contractor is the best way to find the most suitable one you’re looking for. On this direction, we herewith put a set of 6 questions that you should ask your roofing solution providing before finalizing the deal.

Is your company licensed?

It should be one of the foremost questions that you should ask, since hiring an unlicensed contractor is always a risky deal. Most states in the United States require roofing contractors to hold a license which is issued by municipal and public authorities after completion of lots of official formalities, office inspection, etc that validates their authenticity to serve as a reliable solution provider for both commercial and residential roofing.

Do you maintain worker’s comp insurance?

Although it’s become mandatory for owners of roofing companies to provide workman’s compensation insurance to its employees, it makes sense to ask on this particular subject. The advantageous part of having worker’s comp is that in case any injury happens to a worker on your property while on the job, there’s a common risk that could make you legally liable for paying the medical expenses to the insured, which is not desirable.

What kind of roofing systems do you supply?

A professional company with years of experience in the industry knows which kind of roofing solution should be the right choice for you depending on the climatic condition of the locale. Accordingly, rather than pressuring you for any particular type, they suggest you a variety of roofing systems like metal, single ply comprising of TPO, PVC, and EPDM, build-up roof (Bur), modified bitumen, sprayed polyurethane foam, concrete, etc for commercial works. Similarly for home-based installation, apart from asphalt single, which is literally the most popular among all, they also suggest homeowners for having concrete tile, metal, etc as their residential roofing solution. Each of these products is having some pros and cons, which a contractor should clarify you to carefully choose your most suitable solution.

Do you have general liability insurance?

Even though workman’s comp insurance offers coverage to roofing workers, however, homeowners are still found worried about the thought of having any kind of damages on their property as a result of the project work. Having general liability insurance by the provider prevents you from potential loss, in the event of any kind damage of your house, roof, or property, while what your loss will be recompensed by the insurer of the roofing company.

Are you managing your projects with roofing subcontractors?

Some professional roofing contractors also hire and depute subcontractors to deal with varieties of their roofing projects. Working with any subcontractor is of no problem, however, before making the contract, you need to ensure if the subcontractor they use are having workman’s compensation as well as general liability insurance to prevent you from possible risk factors.


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