What Makes the Best Dentist?

Dentist visits are part of maintaining good dental health, and therefore it is important to know the best dentist in McLean, VA. Though each and every dentist knows what to do but there are certain factors that make some of the dentists to stand out and become popular among their patients in comparison to other dentists.

Safety and hygienic office

Since it is related to oral health, a tidy, clean, and hygienic office make the best dentist in McLean, VA. The dentist uses many tools which should be properly sterilized before every use and things like floss and needles must always be fresh and new. Neat and tidy waiting area also helps in keeping patients calm who are waiting and might be anxious. Also, many children visit or accompany their parents to the dentist. Therefore any machine or tool in the waiting area or in the proximity of the children could be harmful for them.

Communication skills

A dentist meets a number of patients in a day and thus needs to be patient and highly understanding to be the best dentist in McLean, VA. Every patient is different in the way they explain their symptom and also have different acceptance level for the medicines and the treatment. If patients are comfortable around the dentist, they become open to any type of question, able to explain better and understand their concerns. This becomes even important for young patients and their parents because children cannot even understand sometimes how exactly are they feeling. Their parents explain most of their discomfort to the dentist on the basis of which the dentist concludes the possible and cause and its remedy.


Availability of the dentist is another important characteristic of the best dentist in McLean, VA. Treatments like braces, Invisalign, dentures, and dental implants need post-treatment attention. If the dentist is available on the phone or over mails, patients can share their concern without putting their time in visiting the dentist’s office.

Time and attention

A dentist who prefers people over business tends to give proper attention and time to each patient. Sometimes, dentists are more concerned about the number of patients visiting them which makes them to pay less attention to the concerns and problems of the patients. This puts off the patient from developing a rapport with the dentist and wanting to visit again. Also, haste and hurry may also result in incomplete diagnosis and treatment. A good dentist goes another step than just the diagnosis and its treatments and educates the patients. When a patient understands what is going on and what should they expect, it makes the treatment convenient for both the dentist and the patients.


This should not be the deciding factor, but having enough experience does make the best dentist in the McLean, VA. Years of working not just give the dentist experience of different types of patients but they are also updated with the latest technology and conceptual updates in the medicine. This provides satisfaction and confidence to the patients about the dentist and his skills.


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