What Makes Israeli Coffee Uniquely Famous

It is a reality that most of us cannot function during the day without having a coffee in the morning. They say that there are two kinds of people who drink coffee. Those who drink coffee to kick start their day or as a part of their routine and there are some who are fanatics and consider drinking coffee as a life pleasure. Coffee fanatics take their love for coffee to the next level. One of the uniquely popular coffees for fanatics are those that are served in Israeli restaurants.

The best Israeli restaurant Sydney place is known for their game changing chocolate drink and coffee. Even just smelling the aroma of their freshly brewed Arabic inspired coffee will be a true treat for coffee lovers like me.

There is no need to travel far and go abroad just to experience the tasty and flavourful coffee from Israel as these are now served as part of many Alexandria restaurants dinner and breakfast sets. Who can say no to these coffee when it is served to you in an authentic Arabic copper coffee pot paired with delectable pastries, cakes and chocolates to cap your meal.

However, the question remains…

What makes Israeli coffee more interesting to taste than the others?

Enjoying coffee is not just about tasting it. Your coffee experience won’t be complete without smelling how good the aroma of coffee is while it is being brewed in the morning. This brings the nostalgic feeling of coffee lovers whenever they experience it at the best Israeli food Sydney restaurants. Their premium Israeli coffee is well known for its rich aroma and one of a kind taste that will surely satisfy our coffee cravings.

Some restaurants also offer their unique versions of Israeli coffee. One of them is called the “café hafuch,” or the “upside down coffee”. It is unique in terms of how it is being prepared and served. Unlike the usual ones wherein the coffee goes in first in the cup, the upside down coffee has the hot milk at the bottom and then mixed with hot coffee and espresso. To seal the deal, it will be topped with milk froth, nutmeg or cocoa powder.

What are the different ways of preparing traditional Israeli coffee?

There are two different ways on how experts prepare traditional Israeli coffee. These are called cooked and uncooked.

The cooked version is also known to people as “Kafe Turki” or “Kafe Shachor”. It is prepared by brewing the ground beans in a small coffee po called as finjan. Finjan is a special pot with a long handle that has an expanded bottom but a slim and narrow top.

On the other hand, mud coffee or “Kafe Botz” is made by just boiling the beans in water with water, sugar and some cardamon. Cardamon is important to this recipe as it brings out the menthol flavour and spice aroma that coffee lovers are looking for.

The author is an experienced chef at Kinneret Café, one of Sydney’s best Israeli restaurant and has written many articles on popular Israeli dishes. To know more, visit https://kinneret.com.au/

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