What Makes Game Marketing Different?

Gaming is a massive industry, one that generates billions of dollars a year. But it is also one that works differently from most. Here are a few reasons why gaming companies are turning to game marketing agencies to help them market their products, and how the right agency could help you see new levels of success.

1. Gamers are passionate, and ruthless

If you want to see how fast a gaming community can turn on a franchise, look no further than SimCity from 2013. The series of city-building games had long been beloved, and the franchise had expanded into other areas that also saw success. So when the latest version was set to launch, the world was ready to fall in love with SimCity all over again. Then it came and players were disappointed. The game was given poor reviews by top critics, and certain aspects of the game were openly criticized by fans before it even launched. No amount of goodwill or advertising dollars in even the best game marketing strategy could make up for the disappointment, and now, seven years later, no sequel has been made. Instead, other companies have moved in to create their own version of SimCity, and the original publisher was left to deal with a severe loss in profits.

The lesson to be learned from SimCity is that gaming audiences are fiercely passionate. It is passion that can keep people loyal to companies and franchises for decades, but it is not one that will suffer poor quality or feeling taken advantage of. If you want to harness the power of gamer passion, you will need a quality product and a game marketing campaign that will fuel that passion. And the best way to do that is by partnering with a game marketing company.

2. Gaming is More than Self-Identified Gamers

Did you know that almost everyone is a gamer? From seniors playing on their smartphones to kids also playing games on their Nintendo Switches, there are literally millions of people that love to play video games. And most wouldn’t consider themselves “gamers.” One of the most useful tools in game marketing is understanding that your audience may not be the stereotypical gamer. In fact, your game may be perfect for non-traditional markets. That’s where a dedicated and experienced game marketing company can help you connect with the right audience and turn them into lovers of your games and products.

3. Gaming Relies on Build-Up and Suspense

One of the most powerful tools that the Marvel movies has isn’t the properties they are using, the universe they have built, or even the movies themselves. Marvel succeeds because the marketing campaign is part of the experience. Everything from casting announcements to teaser trailers, and cameos in other movies, are all part of the experience, and game marketing works in the same way.

Most games today take years to create, which means you have years to develop and execute a marketing campaign. You can turn every gameplay teaser, every improved system, every asset and detail and character into a part of the hype machine, building suspense for launch day. And a game marketing company can help you get there.

Game marketing is a completely different system from traditional marketing. To do it right, you need a dedicated game marketing agency that understands the products, the culture and the markets.


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