What Is So Special About Georgian Wine?


Many countries claim to be the birthplace of wine however; the truth is that there is only one that can hold the title; Georgia, the land where wine has been made for at least eight hundred years. No other place in the world has evidence of making wine been found dating back that back. After 8000 years, Georgians are still making wine as they used to in clay pots buried underground. Wine is linked to nearly every aspect of Georgian culture and history. Their wine is loved by people all over the world. If you are one among them, there is good news for you. You can now buy Georgian wine online.

What Is Special About Georgian Grapes?

Georgia’s territorial conditions and climates are perfect for wine production. The extreme weather here is very unusual winter months are frost-free while summers are mild. The country is rich with natural spring that comes from the mountains and flow into the valleys. Georgia’s air and mild climate affected by the black sea provide the best condition for wine cultivation. Here you can see grapes growing up the stocks of fruit trees and hanging down. Traditional Georgian grape varieties are less known around the world. These grape varieties give semi-dry, sweet dry, sparkling semi-sweet, and fortified wines.

What Is So Special About The Best Georgian Wine?

In most the countries oak barrels or stainless steel cans are used for fermenting grape juice after separating it from the grape skins. However, Georgia since the ancient times developed its own and unique method. Here wine is fermented without chemicals and yeast and this process takes place in Qvevri. Nothing but a clay pot in the shape of an egg. It is lined with bee wax on the inner side and buried underground, and left to age. Qvevri is completely sealed to prevent oxidation and contamination. Since it is kept on the ground earth’s temperature, it remains relatively constant, which is crucial in the whole wine-making process. Also, the design of the pot plays a major role here.

The egg shape allows sediments to collect at the point at the bottom of the vessel while the wine moves in the middle naturally. During the entire operation, wine kept closed in the Qvevri gets a deep, unique flavour. This method is used for producing both white and red wines. In fact many of the Qvevris used in Georgia today are in use for decades if not centuries. So it is the climatic conditions and the wine making method makes Georgian wines so special.

The most common Georgian wine we recommend for you include Tsinandali Tvishi, Kindzmarauli, Sachino, Tbilisi, Saperavi and list goes on. To enjoy these wines and more check out the reputable sellers for the best Georgian wine. Also, you could buy Georgian wine online.

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