What do you know about EMS Training?

The scientific method of EMS Training has been around the world for many years, and its benefits have been proven. Continuous use will increase muscle mass and indirectly increase strength. EMS Training can be applied to involuntary contraction of muscles through electrodes embedded in some parts of the body to stimulate the nervous system of muscles that have been used since the 18th century. EMS Training is suitable for people who do not have enough time or motivation to exercise because it takes less time to get results.

 EMS Training only requires 20 minutes, which is equal to 4 to 6 hours of bodybuilding training. EMS training eliminates fatty cellulite commonly encountered by overweight people. Doing EMS training can prevent knees, shoulders, as well as muscular injuries. In this type of workout, there is no weight on the joints, so it prevents joint injuries.

In the human body, the movement of muscle activity is controlled by the flow of nerve impulses sent from the brain to the nervous system. Using this feature, the EMS device penetrates more layers of muscle and absorbs a more significant percentage of muscle fibers that do not apply to routine exercise. During exercise, 90% of the muscles are engaged simultaneously. People wear a vest to practice, with 20 electrodes embedded on the body’s large tissues, as well as wearing a jacket under it to prevent wires from contacting the body directly.


   – There will be marked changes in skeletal muscle compared to normal strength training in the measured areas. Factors to consider in this type of exercise are frequency control and intensity of the exercise to be effective.

   – EMS training increases muscle strength and transverse volume and is capable of achieving deeper muscle layers that are not possible in bodybuilding, gymnastics, and kickboxing

    – Low muscle mass causes disability and leads to injury. People who are too thin or too fat have very low muscle mass and high-fat content. These people are susceptible to getting sick and include diseases that threaten them. So it is important to build or maintain muscle mass to maintain physical strength. 

    -In the present century, most people are looking for activities that spend less time and work best for them. EMS training is highly recommended for those busy people who are looking for a new technique for training to take less time to practice. It should be noted that a personal trainer helps you while you are doing EMS Training.

   – There will be significant changes in skeletal muscle. These results proved that there is no need to lift heavy weights for weight gain.If it is necessary, consult a nutritionist before starting EMS training.




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