What Are The Characteristics Of Bad Low-quality Weed?

What Are The Characteristics Of Bad Low-quality Weed?    

New strains and different types of weed provide weed users with a wide range of options. This is the reason why it is always tricky for first-timers to shop good quality weed in Orange County. They can’t figure out what’s good and what’s bad. 


If you are one of those, we are here to help you. In this article, you will also learn how to spot bad low-quality weed. 


Top Shelf Dank Weed 

When it comes to weed quality, go for nice, dank, beaster. This weed is engineered to be as dope as possible. So, danker weed is better. 


Mid-Grade Bud 

There is nothing wrong with good mid-grade weed. Though it does not provide you with the same knockout effect you can get from the finest quality weed, but you can have a nice day with mid-grade bud.   


Bad Reggie weed 

Anyone trying weed for the first time wants to learn about bad weed. This type of weed is the quintessential dirt weed. You should avoid this type of weed at all cost. This can be your last resort. Bad Reggie weed is full of stems and seeds and it is also dry. It is harsh on your lungs. 


Characteristics of bad low-quality weed 

Bad quality weed is also known by some other names including ditch weed, schwag, Reggie, brick bud, dirt, wack, shake and bunk. 



You are consuming medical weed to get relief from symptoms. And, if you have purchased recreational weed in Orange County, you want to smoke weed and feel high. However, you can’t expect a killer buzz from Reggie weed. This is more mild weed available on the market. Even when it is the worst pot, it is pot. However, it is of no use. Reggie weed will not even hit the system of a seasoned stoner. It does produce some effect, but that effect is not nice.   



Bad low-quality weed has a skunky smell. This smell is commonly associated with weed. However, you can notice a faint sweet component. You will notice that the smell is extremely strong. If you want to feel high or reap the health benefits of medical weed, you should not choose weed with a skunky smell.    



Bad Reggie weed falls short in this area as well. The place where it is grown and the way it is grown also dictate a part of the taste of the weed. However, if it is bad Reggie weed, it will have a taste that is very skunky, very harsh with earthy notes. You may or may not care for this taste. This taste is not one of the worst tastes in the world. However, it lacks the flavor found in top-shelf strains. 


This stereotypical stoner bud does provide you with quick effects. However, the effect is relatively mild. You cannot use this type of weed to treat some serious ailment. You have a long, tough day and you are looking for a great way to relax. This weed can’t help you. 


THC Content 

The THC content of bad Reggie weed varies from 15-18%. The THC content is 30% in good quality weed. You can also find weed with THC content as high as 60%. 

Whether you are buying medical weed or recreational weed in Orange County, always buy a good quality product from an authorized marijuana dispensary.



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