Weibo Advertising: Few Tips for Maximizing Results

In China, the most popular and biggest microblog social app is Weibo and it has over 370 million active monthly users making it more popular than the world’s top microblogging site. If one is interested in penetrating the market in China, an amazing and consistency presence on Weibo is a must which means Weibo Advertising. We have shared a few tips for helping you become successful on Weibo.

Getting Verified – Weibo verification process is exactly the same as the world’s top micro-blogging site and the look is also the same. It provides a small blue badge on your account. Although you will not get any special privileges it will make people trust that that you are the official voice for your business or brand. The verification process can be tricky but a Chinese marketing agency with rich experience helps in earning you that blue badge for starting Weibo advertising more effectively.

Focus on Emotions over News – Weibo is often compared to the world’s top micro-blogging platform. Both are similar in terms of deployment. However, Weibo focuses more on emotions as the top micro-blogging platform in the world stresses on the latest events and news as the driving factor. When planning to start Weibo advertising, tapping the underlying feelings of the messages and emojis will help in attracting a large audience.

Always Think of Quality over Quantity – As search engine optimization focuses on quality over quantity, the same goes with Weibo advertising. You can post an infinite number of times in a day to thousands of followers, but none of this matter if you are in a bubble of spam, bots, and diehard fans. By focusing on quality content you will get attention instead of pushing your message constantly.

Learning the Differences – Majority of the people who want to advertise in Weibo fail to understand that there are multiple advertising opportunities that are unavailable on other social media platforms. Weibo consists of four advertising streams that include fan tunnel, fan headlines, Weibo search engine promotion, and display ads. By understanding the differences between these four streams, you can able to craft your campaigns for maximizing your revenue and connect with the people you want.

Hiring a Reputed Agency – There are multiple marketing and advertising companies in the US who can do Weibo advertising but that does not mean they are focused on this platform. The best bet is working closely with an agent who is dedicated to all types of marketing in China. If you are not working with an experienced team, there are high chances that you will get into situations where your ads can be banned or ineffective. It can be tricky for navigating the system but working with the right company will help you to achieve success.



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