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Are you concerned about the hygiene of the things you come in contact with on a daily basis? That too in the times of a pandemic all the things we come in contact with have a dominant effect on the health. Touchless water taps are better for your wellbeing when contrasted with regular water taps. Regular water taps are contaminated with germs and viruses. Thus, using them can act as a catalyst in spreading different diseases and putting your health on high.


Watamate’s Innowater, Automatic Touchless Water Saving Faucet with IMX Microchip Sensor  is a product with a modern and futuristic design! An automatic tap is a tap equipped with a proximity sensor and mechanism that opens its valve to allow the flow of water in response to the presence of a user’s hands nearby. The tap closes its valve when it no longer detects the presence of a user’s hands. It helps you in getting water without contaminating yourself and protects from the spreading of  any virus. With its seamless and sleek surface finish, it will maintain its polished design despite high usage. 

Watamate InnoWater motion sensing tap is the perfect companion for your homes and offices. It extraordinarily saves water with its top-notch features.Suitable for kids and adults. It is simple to install in your homes, offices, or any other place and can be used easily. You can safely use water and prevent cross-infection after washing hands and keep the edge of your sink dry.

Watamate InnoWater is a technological wonder that can decrease the transfer of germs and offer up a stream of clean water at the swipe of a hand. Touchless water taps allow you to rinse off bacteria from raw meat or sanitize your hands in any situation. They may seem like a simple technology in the kitchen or bathroom but a touchless tap has inner workings that need some occasional TLC to keep them in good working order. Four key components make the Watamate InnoWater touchless water tap work on command. These are the sensor, spout, power source, and, the most important part of the setup, the solenoid-controlled valve. When the sensor detects your hands, the tap turns on. Once the hands are removed, the tap turns off. That is one part of the overall working wonder of the touchless tap.

Automatic water taps have several advantages over regular taps. It keeps your sink clean and saves you from contaminating your hands. It protects you from a wide variety of infectious diseases and ensures that you remain healthy and which results in a happy life.

  • Added hygiene, less cleaning: Watamate InnoWater touchless water tap are is easy to clean and it also helps to increase the hygiene level remarkably at home and in public spaces. Because the fitting does not have to be touched it remains free from finger marks or water droplets. Moreover, the spread of bacteria through the tap surface can be prevented, which results in bringing your home hygiene to a new level.
  • Preset Duration: Watamate Innowater comes with unique preset duration for both sensors which ensures you the less consumption of water.
  • Hands-free taps: If your hands are full, you can still turn the faucet on by swiping in front of the sensor while holding stacks of dirty dishes.
  • Value-adding item: The touchless faucet is an added value to a room and may increase the property value of the home.

Watamate InnoWater tap is inducted with dual infrared sensor in the side and bottom of the tap. Dual sensors are operated by a powerful IMX Microchip sensor which ensures the fast sensing and seamless flow of water. Its Streamlined design with concealed aerators reduces the opportunity for dust. 

For a cost-effective and reliable sensor-operated tap built with durability and commercial environments in mind Watamate InnoWater is the best available option.  Enjoy hygiene to a new level at your home with Innowater Faucet.

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