Visit singapore big sweep

Singapore is an Asian paradise. Located in the Malay Peninsula, the small country of Singapore enjoys a tropical climate that makes it a haven for tourists. From the enchanting beaches to the shopping malls and even the country’s most famous attraction: the Sentosa Island, Singapore is all about surfeit of things. The amazing Marina Bay, a.k.a. the Pink City, or the entertainment district, Orchard Road are must-visits to see for yourself.

Singapore has other tourist attractions that are not related to the beaches or the monuments. While these places certainly enhance the enjoyment of the trip, some lesser-known attractions in the country can also add flavor to your tour. For instance, if you are into water sports, then there are several spots in Singapore where you can perform some exciting water sports like sailing, diving, scuba-diving, fishing and jet skiing. Aside from these activities, Singapore offers also a lot of indoor fun like bowling, billiards, miniature golf and even ice skating.

Aside from water sports and indoor fun, the popular attraction in Singapore is the big and beautiful Singapore River. The sweep was built by the British during the colonial era and the waterway was later used by the Chinese for many years. Now the sweep is open for cars and motor boats, which means that this traditional attraction is receiving a new lease of life. Aside from enjoying the thrilling ride along the waterway, you can also enjoy the refreshing coolness of the river by lazing around or simply strolling along the banks.

Another favorite attraction among tourists in Singapore is the Sentosa Island. This island is just two square kilometers in size and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. It is also home to the popular Sentosa hawker center, which serves delicious cuisines and other foodstuffs to its hungry visitors. The hawker center offers different kinds of cuisines including Chinese, Thai, Indian, German and Italian cuisines. There are also many places of amusement here like snake charming and horse riding.

To finish up our Singapore tour, we should not forget about the Underwater World and Water Theme Park. The Underwater World is probably one of the greatest attractions here as it features various rides and attractions underwater including the underwater zoo, adventure kingdom, rescue ship, whale encounter and more. It also has interactive exhibits and games such as coloring and virtual reality.

For those who want to experience all the excitement and fun of an amusement park, then the Singapore Big Sweep and Orchard Road tour are the perfect choice. In this tour, you get to visit both attractions in one day and get to experience the best rides and attractions in Singapore. Apart from the popular attractions, this tour also gives you the chance to shop at bargain prices and indulge in many shopping activities. Your entire family will surely have a great time on this tour.



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