Understanding the Pandemic Impact on the Antiseptics And Disinfectants Industry

Let’s roll back to December 2019. The world was eagerly awaiting the dawn of the new decade, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations were on everybody’s minds, and everything was normal. Fast forward to June 2021, and the coronavirus pandemic has claimed more than 3.75 million lives, with hospitals and clinics seeing a near unstoppable stream of patients showing symptoms of the virus. While medical and research organizations globally have busied themselves in ensuring viability and availability of vaccines for the general population, we as common citizens have been issued a critical responsibility of following government norms of maintaining proper hygiene and sanitization, while also socially distancing from others. This is where we have seen a drastic rise in demand in the antiseptics and disinfectants market, which have attained a whole new level of importance among people ever since the outbreak started.

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Understanding the pandemic impact on the industry

The current outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic across the globe has propelled the demand and growth of the antiseptics and disinfectants industry. This is especially true for disinfectants, as they have witnessed a drastic growth in usage in commercial, industrial and residential settings. So much so, that in the early months of the pandemic, their stocks frequently ran out due to high sales. Products such as aerosol disinfectants, multipurpose cleaners, and paper towels all witnessed a huge jump in revenue in the early months of the pandemic, as consumers became highly aware of keeping surfaces and floors sanitized. The following table encapsulates the market conditions during COVID-19, and what we can expect in the post-COVID period.

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