Trending Chi Omega Shirt Designs

T-shirts are one of the most commonly used Greek apparel. As a member of Chi Omega, wearing the letters of your Greek organization on your favorite tee is a great way to express your love and support for your group. However, there are many ways in which you can make a sober-looking solid colored tee more interesting. When in a mood to add a little quirkiness to your Chi Omega tee, take a cue from these trends to design your own custom Chi Omega tee.

Color block t-shirts

The color blocking trend has been the rave for some time and they’re in fact a great way to add more interest to your Greek apparel. To create a color block tee, choose a different color for the body and sleeves. You could either use colors of the same kind, like warm red, orange and yellow or cool blue, lilac, and green. Or you could go bang on with contrast colors. Plus, don’t forget to add a large, funky print design to the center bearing the name or letters of your chapter.

Tie dye shirts

Tie dye patterns are yet another trending design in Greek apparel. These t-shirts are great for informal occasions or a fun event with your sisterhood. They add a fun-filled vibe to your dressing style and have a certain chic boho-appeal making them an appropriate choice for the girl gang that loves to celebrate. Tie-dye t-shirts also make amazing surprise gifts for your little sister, allowing you twin in matching designs, patterns or colors. Tie-dye t-shirt can be customized in one or more colors and varying patterns. In addition to the colored patterns, these apparels carry the printed name of your chapter, typically as a large, central design.

Ombre baseball shirts

If your sisterhood is a fan of sports, especially baseball, then the perfect choice for you is the Ombre baseball t-shirt. This round neck tee with a thin, striped body, contrast neck piping and sleeves gets a major makeover this season with the Ombre trend. The hottest Chi Omega baseball t-shirts feature a dual-toned, shaded sleeve, typically in pale, contrasting colors. Plus, there’s a printed logo of the chapter name on the center. Customize your own Chi Omega baseball tees with colors of your choice, or add an artistic or graphic design as you please.

Coordinated tee and leggings set

Why wear just a Greek tee when you can coordinate it with your favorite leggings? Trending these days are the top and bottom set with all over prints on the bottom that are replicated on the sleeves of the t-shirt. The chapter letters, name, or year of establishment are typically printed large on the chest. Create your own Chi Omega coordinate in tropical prints, miniature animal print designs or geometric patterns. For added interest, pick colored bottoms instead of whites.

Now that you know what’s trending, visit an online Greek apparel retailer to create your custom Chi Omega shirts with these details, or pick a readymade design as you please.


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