Top Rules to Digital Marketing in China for Your Business

The Chinese market operates in a different way than other countries. The marketing methodologies that led to success in the western market will not get success in China. Pioneers in this country always find innovative marketing strategies that later become popular in the west. Additionally, some strategies only work in China and remain effective within Chinese consumers. You can take nothing for granted when planning to launch a marketing campaign here. You need to do proper research and understand the likes and needs of a specific target group. Below is a list of some of the top digital marketing trends of 2020 that you can refer to understand the audience much better.

Live –streaming and Integrating WeChat groups with smart chatbots

This year, the trend shows that live –streaming campaigns will continue in attracting users, but the focus is to move from simple sales pitches to more creative and educational content. The campaigns for live streaming can be more entertaining and that is possible by inviting top hosts for representing your brands or trusted Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). The main objective is to escalate the number of new users, comments, shares, and likes. The focus is to entertain the audience more rather selling the products. There are various incentives during the streaming session and a great way of attracting more viewers. More importantly, the content needs to be more educational and creative rather than simply commercial.

For attracting a large audience, WeChat groups are the preferred choice one of the proven methods to get success in digital marketing in China. Their collaboration with smart chatbots, although that does not replace a human admin will make the tool more useful and cost-effective for organizations. The chatbots are used for answering common queries, promoting upcoming events, conducting surveys, the recommendation of a product based on keywords, collecting information about the consumers and much more.

Douyin and lower-tier cities

This video-sharing social networking service is creating a rage in social media. The platform is famous mainly because of its extraordinary humor, but recently there is a change in the content where users get to experience the videos in a more educational way, advice, how-to tips, and storytelling content. This provides marketers a good platform where digital marketers can able to promote their products or educate their audience about their brand.

There are various e-commerce platforms where customers take part in group buying deals that had become increasingly popular as over 60 percent of the users come from low-tier cities. This is a wake-up call for global companies who now realized the potential of these cities that were usually neglected during marketing campaigns. Although people from the area have lower spending capability, still they represent over 130 million online users as compared to the 75million in tier 1 and 2 cities. The potential to generate revenue from the lower-tier is massive. So, this year, there will be a more dedicated effort to unleash various strategies for digital marketing in China to reach consumers from these users.


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