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Tools & Processes for Removal of Activation Lock from Apple Devices

In Apple devices, activation lock is a feature embedded in Find my device feature. Whenever Find my device is activated, the element of the activation lock also gets automatically turned on; it ensures that all the data on your Apple device is kept safe and stops anyone from stealing your phone. So, activation lock removal is a significant hurdle for scammers and hackers to get access to the data in the Apple device.

There are processes through which you can remove activation lock as well as the iCloud removal method. Though it is a secure system locking a system of a used Apple device is a nightmare.

If you have purchased or inherited a used Apple device like iPhone or iPad, it will try and keep asking for the previous owner’s Apple ID and password. It means this feature of the apple device is locked to their iCloud account, and it prevents you from using the device unless you have the password.

Even if you take the device to local shops or try to search for an online solution for activation lock removal, you might get confused as the information on the sites is conflicting and available in abundance.

You will be wasting energy and time if you try to use the free services as it will only lead to failure to remove the activation lock on your Apple devices. There are services which will provide you the solution to remove the activation lock.

There are tools available that can be used for iCloud removal, which are stated below, along with their pros and cons.

  • Doulci iCloud unlocking

It is useful and easy to implement the tool. It works with all the iOS operating platforms. It’s not a UI tool; hence it will allow you to run an iCloud bypass server. The rare feature of this tool is that it is compatible with an operating system like Microsoft and Linux.

It will not ask for additional information like screen passcode to bypass the iCloud activation lock. The website of the tools is provided with tutorials for support.

Using this tool supports a limited version of the Apple iOS system, and it doesn’t get regularly updated. The second con is that you have to complete a survey to download this tool and the downloading speed is very low for this tool.

  • iPhone approver

It is another tool that can be used for the activation lock removal from the iOS devices and can be easily used by new users without facing much of a task. To utilize this feature, you will have to provide the device’s IMEI number at the site. It is an easy and safe method of unlocking an Apple device. Sometimes this tool is unable to detect the device, or it asks for a paid service.

  • iCloud activation bypass

It is believed as one of the best iCloud removal tools and used by many Apple device users. It helps to connect easily with Apple servers. The user is able to access this tool 24/7 and also get the necessary support. It can be normally used on all iOS devices. The only con is it is a little complicated to use compared to other tools.

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