Tips to Keep Your Fake Eyelashes in Good Condition for a Long Time

Putting fake eyelashes is a perfect way for adding extra glamour and drama to any makeup look. If you are buying good quality lashes, make sure that it lasts through several applications. Here are some simple tricks to get extra wear out of your false eyelashes.

Taking them off during the night and always use remover when taking them off

When you are sleeping, the falsies can be easily torn or bent as you roll on the bed. Please ensure that you remove your fake eyelashes at night and keep them in their original case. Although it takes some time with eyelash clusters, it helps in keeping the eyelashes from collecting dust and maintain the shape.

When you want to remove the best fake eyelashes, do it with makeup remover by gently taking off the lashes. It may be quicker to pull them off with your finger, but it will put stress on the eyelashes and even rip your natural lashes. Always opt for an oil-free remover so that the lash strip does not break. It is not recommended to use tweezers rather gently to use the pads of your fingertips so that the eyelash hairs are not crimped.

Purchase good quality lashes

You may be tempted to buy two or 3-dollar pair of lashes, but cheap falsies wear out in no time. It is better to buy a quality pair from a good brand as the falsies will look more realistic and the lashes will last through multiple applications. For choosing the perfect false lashes, you need to notice some qualities about your natural lashes. To ensure your falsies look natural just match them to your natural lash texture. If you are having straight, fine, short, or light lashes, then choose a medium or short length and the single-layer clusters. If your lashes are curly, wavy, long, or thick then double-layer or triple individuals’ lashes are the best options.

Ditch mascara and clean as well as comb your eyelashes

Beauty and fashion bloggers and social media experts may advise you in coating your eyelashes with mascara to blend them in with your natural lashes. Nevertheless, it is not necessary when you are having a set of original looking lashes. The best fake eyelashes are long and dark enough that they do not require any mascara and it can make the falsies grimy and make them wear out quickly. Still, if you want to put mascara on fake eyelashes, avoid using the waterproof one. You should remember that even the best mascaras make falsies fall apart and clump together.

More importantly, you should clean the eyelashes after four to five uses. This helps in getting rid of any eye shadow or buildup from the glue that can make false eyelashes look coarse. Gently soak the lashes in lukewarm water and clean them with a cotton Q-tip and eye makeup remover. After that thoroughly rinse the lashes, pat them dry, gently comb them by using only an eyelash comb, and store them in their tray. is an online store selling fake eyelashes for all eye shapes such as monolid, almond, round, hooded, upturn, and downturn. These reusable false lashes are handmade from 100% cruelty-free silk, made for up to 20+ wears, and are double layered for extra volume. To know more information, visit



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