Tips On Moving To A Smaller Space: Get A Luggage Storage New York City

Moving even once in a lifetime is experienced by everyone. It can be a mixture of excitement and stress. Exciting because there will be a new environment to face and explore, but stressful because of the hassle of moving every possession of a household to a new location.

Preparing before the Move

Two months before the move, preparation should be extensively done. Items in the house should be assessed to know which ones to bring with the move, and which ones to put in a luggage storage new york city.  There will also be items that can be disposed of like be given away or be sold in a garage sale.

For the items to be brought with the move, decide on the items that will be assisted by the movers, and which ones should be personally handles. Speaking of movers, look for a reputable company. Take note that a lot of the moving expenses are tax-deductible so receipts and important information related to moving expenses must be well-kept.

Scout also the area where the family will be moving. Look for the schools, recreation centres, community programs, and parks. Be familiarized before the move. All insurances like medical, fire, property and auto insurance must be transferred to a new location. Another important thing to note is to keep in a proper storage all important files like medical records.

For the remaining month before the move, start collecting packing and moving supplies. Go to the local post office and fill out a postal change of address form to let the utility companies, phone, internet and cable companies be aware of the new address. Also, contact these companies for disconnection after the scheduled move out and request for a reconnection upon moving in. Specific arrangements must also be made for pets in transportation and requirements if needed in the new town. The veterinarian records should also be secured.

A few reminders when the move is nearing, is to not pack all valuables in the moving vehicle. It is better to personally bring them. There are also plants that are not allowed to cross borders, so better check on this matter. The vehicle to be used must also be serviced to ensure safety especially if it will be a long drive. About three weeks before the move, packing can be started. Pack items that are not currently needed like items in the basements, closets, and attics. Computer files must also be backed up just in case something happens to the computer with the move. Inflammable items like cleaning fluids, fireworks, acids, and other hazardous items must be disposed of. It will be for everyone’s safety. Now at you will get the best details regarding luggage storage in new york.

A week before the move, proper labelling must be done, whether the boxes will be labelled “load first”, “load last”, “fragile” and “do not load”. The refrigerator and freezer must be emptied, defrosted, and cleaned a day before moving. Contingency arrangements must also be prepared in case delays will happen.


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