Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

Moving furniture is one of the most critical aspects of the moving process. Without the right resources, you can damage your furniture – and injure yourself, particularly your back.

It is always a good idea to look at the best furniture moving practices and consider seeking professional assistance to move your furniture successfully.
When you plan your move, you need to figure out whether it makes sense to move your furniture at all. Some furniture pieces may be old, unwanted and hard to move.  You can sell such items or exchange them for new furniture.

If your furniture items include antique and fragile pieces, you need to be sure that the appropriate packing material and processes are used to prevent damage. Discuss your moving requirements with your moving company to understand what measures need to be taken to ensure safe movement of your furniture.

Here are some useful tips for moving heavy furniture:

Ensure that Packing is Done Appropriately

The first step is to find out what packing materials you will need to pack your furniture safely. Your list can include several items – bubble wrap, stretch wrap, cardboard and/or wood boxes, blankets, and many more.

Next, you need to decide what precautions are necessary to avoid damage or injury.

If you are moving with a professional company, check to be sure that the company has the right material handling equipment to accommodate your furniture and has assessed what steps need to be taken to safeguard their people and your goods.

DIY – Don’t Drag. Slide Your Furniture
Carrying heavy furniture requires you to concentrate on the correct way to move it, including lifting, footwork and alternative ways to move it.

You can easily trip and get hurt. To prevent injuries on packing day, you can avoid lifting and carrying any furniture (particularly heavy things) – especially on your shoulders.

You can create sliders from plastic materials, towels, blankets, or other padded materials and easily move things without worrying about injuries.

DIY or Working with Professionals

Find an Get Rid of Moving Dangers
On your moving day, you need to make sure there are no obstructions in your way. Safety should be the first and most important concern when you plan your move. If you fail to address physical issues that could affect your moving; you might damage your property and incur heavy financial losses – and have a serious injury.

Identify any potential threats that might be in the way of moving safety, and get rid of all them ahead of time.

Disassemble Furniture
If you have beds and furniture that can be easily dismantled, you can disassemble the pieces and package/wrap them separately to minimize the risks of potential accidents. When furniture is being moved from one area to another – inside or out – you need to make sure all entry and exit routes are clear. Check out the intended route and remove or plan how to deal with any potential dangers.

Use Furniture Dollies
To make your move easier and quicker, you need to invest in appropriate equipment – or be sure the moving company has the right equipment.

Aside from furniture that can be picked in boxes with the appropriate supplies, it would help if you rented – or the moving company will use – the correct equipment – utility dollies, sliders, straps, and other items.

Utility dollies are available in a variety of materials and designs.

Furniture dollies are typically handcarts onto which goods can be placed and moved securely. Professionals will have them, but if you are doing your own moving, you can fetch furniture from local moving supply companies, or from an online vendor. Furniture dollies have wheels to slide heavy furniture effortlessly. Also, you can order sliders to move your furniture from one point to another. Sliders are an excellent alternative if you are covering a short distance.

Moving straps are also practical means to lift weight conveniently. However, you need to understand how and when to use them to avoid getting hurt. Professionals will have these as needed to handle your moving items efficiently.

Everyone has unique moving challenges, which need to be addressed differently. When planning your move, take note of the moving difficulties that you have to overcome to cater to the safety of your family and those around you. Convey your problems to your moving company and opt for customized solutions to make the process hassle-free.

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