Cisco began the CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert ) program in 1993 to single out professionals who had the ability to support Cisco network solutions. Originally CCIE certification was earned by taking a written exam and then a two-day lab in San Jose. Stuart Biggs was awarded the second CCIE number 1025 after the first number was awarded to the room the lab was held in, in San Jose.

The first CCIE was Terry Slattery, #1026, a network engineer who was working with a team to develop the CLI. The program became popular as more IT professionals were drawn to the technologies which made data communications work. The prerequisite for taking the exam and lab was experience because there were no commercially available training resources available in the beginning of the program.

Since then, an industry has emerged to help provide the skilled professionals needed to sell, design, build and support Cisco solutions. Here are the current certifications:










These certifications are valid for three years, but the CCIE is valid for two. Recertification is required to maintain these certifications and to keep them active.

The value of the certification is in its measure of your networking skill. Cisco resellers are given discounts for the purchase of hardware that they in turn resell based on the number of certified individuals on their staffs. The Cisco reseller certification ranks these VARs as Select, Premier, Silver, Gold and Global. With each level come rewards and benefits that allow the VAR to earn higher discounts and other incentives.

The highest paid Certified IT professionals are CCIEs partially because of the demand for them and partially because of the small population. The CCIE certification opens doors internationally for the network engineer because the skills are portable and in demand in virtually every country on the globe.


The number of CCIEs globally has remained below 21,000 for several years making this population of certified IT professionals truly elite. Becoming a CCIE is easier today with many training options available for career minded networking professionals.

Start at the beginning if you are interested in pursuing CCIE certification as a goal and you do not have the benefit of professional exposure to support this goal. The CCNA certification and subsequent certifications support interests in Routing and Switching, Voice over IP, Wireless and security.


TIIT is one of the specialist institutes that provide training for CCIE. TIIT such stands for TNS Institute of Information Technology.  We are a part of TNS group. TNS was formed in 1993 by a group of technocrats having a passion for excellence to provide the industry with world class networking solutions. TNS is a system integrator.

TIIT is different from the crowd by miles in at least two major ways – one, the depth in which we cover courses and two, the whole treatment of training.  A good analogy would be the way IIT Delhi or IIM seek to differentiate themselves from others.  They cover courses in more depth and the way the teach is different, way different.  They are islands of excellence and we just wish to expand the island a little bit.

TIIT exists to help companies improve their performance through precision customized networking solutions and to produce industry – ready networking professionals at par with the best – in – the industry.

We have defined our mission as helping companies improve their performance through application of networking technology. By performance we mean being able to do things better and faster – faster decision making, faster communication, faster service to customers, reduced costs and improved profits.  All the things that we believe networking should deliver.  We believe that if technology does not improve performance – it is not needed.

TNS Institute of Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.

F – 11, First Floor South Ex – I,

New Delhi – 110049, India.

Mobile: +91-9310851102 / 03 / 04

Phone: +91 – 11 – 43380000, 43380001

Fax: +91-30686030

E-mail: info@tiit.co.in,

Website : www.tiit.co.in




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