Things You Should Expect from SEO Services

In the world of internet and digital marketing, the word SEO is often said and heard that even a common man is now aware of this term. But those who are doing their business online or are planning to make an online presence of their business might also be concerned about the SEO services in Houston.

What are the SEO services?

SEO services in Houston are the methods that help any business to attract maximum traffic to its website or the web pages to turn the visitors into customers or leads. These services include everything from technical aspects of the site to the content management to watching and implementing changes.

Types of SEO services

SEO services are broadly divided into two categories; white hat SEO and black hat SEO. White hat SEO is based on the regulations provided by the search engines and believes in creating content as per the guidelines. Whereas, black hat SEO does not care about the guidelines and the regulations. In black hat SEO, anything can be done to improve the ranking of the business in the search results such as hacking, using shortcuts, and playing with the search engine algorithms. In simple words, white hat SEO is about following the rules while black hat SEO is about breaking the rules.

Some key SEO services

Just like anything else, digital marketing also has its law, and the rule breakers are the offenders and are penalized after being recognized. Search engines often revise and change their algorithm after they found wrong SEO techniques. Florida, Panda, and Penguin are some of the algorithm updates done by Google to fight back clack hat SEO. And, some of the common white hat SEO services in Houston are:

• Website structure analysis: This is also referred to as the technical SEO because it takes care of all the technical aspects of the online presence of the business and its ranking. There are different elements of every website that influence the ranking of the site in major search engines; Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Those elements are:

 HTTP or HTTPS in the URL

 Site errors

 Robots.txt

 Indexed status of the site

 Sitemap

 Analytical setup

 Uploading speed of the page and the site

 Conversion rate

 Meta elements

• On-page SEO: This is directly related to the keyword. Every business needs to identify the relevant keywords with strong search volume and incorporate them into the website content. The content needs to be written in such a way that it describes the business and also satisfies the search queries made by users.

• Off-page SEO: This is the digital version of the references that are often used in offline business and marketing. Different links are created on the site from other relevant and renowned sites. A business always has a particular category that it falls in and link building is like relating itself to that category by being recognized by other businesses of the category.

SEO services in Houston thus help businesses in different ways to improve their ranking and attract the maximum traffic using organic SEO techniques.


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