Things You Need To Know About TMS Therapy


Depression comes in many forms, and every individual feels sad and depressed at some point in their lives. While some fight with anxiety and depression and feel better, others get trapped and feel helpless. It could be post-traumatic depression, bipolar depression, and others. There are hundreds of drug-based FDA-approved depression treatments. But, not all of them are effective on patients who are depressed. Finding the right medication and treatment that addresses the symptoms and concerns of an individual’s depression can be a difficult and overwhelming process.

Patients wonder what’s next if the treatment doesn’t help them come out of their depression. If you are one among them and drugs have failed you, tms treatment could be a life-challenging alternative.

What Is TMS Therapy, And How It Works?

You might have heard about tms Castle Hill, but you don’t know much about it. With so many treatments available for depression, it could be difficult to track down all those.

TMS is an effective alternative for treating depression. It is a therapy that uses non-invasive electromagnetic fields to stimulate areas in the brain that are responsible for mood. The electromagnetic wave fields are passed through a special coil that is placed on the scalp. However, the treatment is completely non-invasive, and no drugs are involved. The coils are available in different shapes and sizes that are tailored to a different kind of depression.

What Should You Know About TMS Therapy?

TMS Isn’t a Shock Therapy

ECT treatment has been clinically proven to be an effective therapy for certain psychiatric conditions. But, ECT is considered cruel treatment. This is not the case with TMS therapy. TMS treatment is completely different from ECT, and they work differently. TMS stimulates neural activity by inducing electrical currents through a magnetic beam. It is similar to the experience of being in an MRI scan. Patients could hear sounds from the magnets used in TMS treatment and feel a tapping sensation that is gentle. The treatment is completely safe and non-invasive.

TMS Is Effective

Compared to the other treatments for depression, TMS is found to be effective and provides promising results, according to various studies exploring TMS for depressive disorder. Patients who are treated with TMS find it beneficial and feel better compared to anti-depressant drugs.

TMS Isn’t New

TMS therapy has been in practice for more than 30 years. However, it has gained a great deal of attention recently due to its effectiveness. TMS has a great deal of therapeutic potential, and it has been clinically proven as a proven treatment for treating various depression disorders.

Regardless of the type of depression you are dealing with, finding the right therapy that truly addresses the symptoms is crucial. TMS treatment can be really effective in treating your depression symptoms.

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