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The perfect antimicrobial and antibacterial film for protecting against bacteria and viruses


While our store is strongly associated with the supply of wide format printing solutions, we’re also proud to make available all manner of industry-leading self-adhesive clear film – and it’s fair to say that one of our latest products in this category is especially important during the current times.


That product is the Antimicrobial Antibacterial 70-micron PVC protective film that we have just added to our online store, and which can be purchased on 1270mm x 25m127mm x 25m and 635mm x 25m rolls. We supply this matt clear, watermarked antimicrobial and antibacterial film under the WPVC70 product code.


A specialised protective film with real benefit for all


When you think of how frequently during the average day you come into contact with such public spaces and environments as ATMs, touchscreens, door plates, petrol pumps and trolley handles, it should soon become clear to you what risks these surfaces can presently pose.


In a pandemic, it could scarcely be more crucial to do everything possible to slow the spread of bacteria and viruses in public spaces. That’s what makes this unique new protective film so invaluable.


Having been tested in accordance with the esteemed ISO 21702 standard that measures antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces of antiviral-treated products, this film has been shown to be proficient in excess of 93% against an enveloped viral strain.


Given that COVID-19 has also been identified as an envelope virus, this result is extremely encouraging in the world’s continued fight against the disease.


Ease of use, great value and genuine antimicrobial and antibacterial effectiveness


Whether indoor or outdoor, this WPVC70 product is an excellent solution for use on a wide range of public surfaces, also encompassing the likes of touch dispensers, touchpoints and retail fit-outs.


However, while our Antimicrobial Antibacterial Film shows efficacy of more than 99% when tested to ISO 22196 for bacteria, and over 93.41% when tested to ISO 21702 for viruses, it is also remarkably convenient to use.


Various widths and roll lengths are available to suit the many possible applications of this film, which is designed to be applied easily to smooth surfaces such as glass, metal and plastic. Indeed, an easy-apply air release system is used for straightforward bubble-free application.


Once the film has been applied to the given surface, the user can expect an ‘in-use’ life of between three and 12 months, depending on application and surface wear. It is simply a superb product for ensuring enhanced safety and peace of mind at a time when these really are all-important priorities.


Are you unsure of the right product for you? Don’t be afraid to ask us!


Whatever your own requirements may be in relation to self-adhesive film or wide format printing solutions, the Prizma Graphics team is ready and waiting to advise and assist you.


Call 01296 393700, or get in touch via email for a suitably detailed discussion about the products from our store that may be best-matched to your requirements – in terms of specification, effectiveness and price.




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