The Most Popular Wedding Hairstyles


Just like trending wedding décor, wedding hairstyles keep changing every year. When it comes to wedding hairstyle, it is essential to pick the one that only complements your dress and accessories but also the features. If you are looking for some hairstyles for your big day, here are the most popular bridal hairstyles for every type of bride suggested by the best Toowoomba Hairdressers.

Soft waves

Soft waves were a huge hit in 2018 and are continuing. Brides are opting for more effortless looks, and soft waves are the perfect hairstyle that suits all types of hair. If the bride’s hair does not hold the curls, hair extension can give more grips. This type of bridal hairstyle can last the whole day. With the soft waves, accessories can add a unique touch.

Classic Bun

Classic bun hairstyles are an excellent choice for any hair. It offers a timeless look that can be accessorised to blend well with any style wedding, from a beach wedding to formal a country club. While a messy bridal bun gives a casual look, an elegant, sleek style offers a more formal look. Accent your messy bun with fresh roses to give a natural appeal.


Chignon is one of the trending wedding hairstyles, and it suits the modern bride as well. Yes, it is sleek, sophisticated, and chic. With relaxed and refined modern variations, you are sure to look hot and chic on your big day. No matter if you have short, long, thick or thin hair, this hairstyle will suit you. Just go for it, and your partner would be impressed.


Can’t decide which style to choose? Why not ponytail? Be it relaxed and chic, or sleek and modern, you can’t go wrong with a wedding ponytail. Moreover, there are a series of elevated and different styles that suits your wedding style.

Braided Bun

If you are looking for an elegant, fuss-free wedding hairstyle, the braided bun is the right choice. Be it a short, long, curly, or straight hair, all look good with a braid. Moreover, you have the bonus of taking your hair down after the ceremony and having those gorgeous waves for your reception.

Current bridal hair Toowoomba trends are all about more textured styles and creating a whimsical look with fresh flowers and headpieces. Moreover, the brides are looking for more than one hair style for their bid day. Yes, one for the ceremony and a different style for the reception and it is a new trend that is arising. Before choosing the hairstyle, brides should book trails in the hair saloon in Toowoomba because the one you like on the photocopies may not suit you.

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