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The LaForte’s Plunder Jewelry Journey | Plunder Design

My name is Julie LaForte and I am a wife to a fantastic husband, a mother to a gorgeous daughter, Halle. Family has normally been important to me. As soon as I became a mother, all I wanted was to be involved. I didn’t would like to be shackled by the corporate life, scheduling my family around my function. I wanted to schedule perform around my family. Get additional information regarding TheLaFortes.com

That opportunity came unexpectedly. I heard about Plunder on Facebook. I believed the jewelry was cute, trendy, and inexpensive and was just seeking to make some extra money for a family trip.

That goal soon shifted as soon as I realized what an wonderful chance Plunder was. I made it my career, and I’m so thankful I did. Plunder has enabled me to reach dreams I in no way thought attainable. That additional holiday money turned into a holiday home. My husband was able to retire early, and I’m in total control of my time. I have generally dreamed of my family getting capable to live life on our terms…and now we do just that!

I make it my mission to share my story with everyone I meet! You by no means know who requirements this possibility to change their life.



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