The Israeli Cognitive Behavior Therapy Program – CBT Training School

The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training Program (CBT Studies) is taining School managed by the Israeli Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program for the eighteenth year and is being operated at both Tel Hashomer Hospital and Haifa. And in Beer Sheva.

We offer a bi-annual CBT study track as well as a third year of study for those interested in another internship.

We offer three trends in child and adolescent care, an adult trend with an emphasis on OCD trauma and depression, and a trend with emphasis on parental and family care (this trend is under the academic management of Dr. Naomi Apple).

The three majors train CBT therapists for everything

The program is sponsored by Bar Ilan University, the Unit for Professional Development, School of Education.

The program is approved by ITA – the Israeli Association for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

The program is built on the training requirements for the European Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Association (EABCT).

The biennial CBT training program recognizes continuing education rewards on behalf of the Ministry of Education’s approval of training courses.

The program recognizes a personal reward for a new horizon for education system employees.

A separate three-year training program recognizing the Israeli Psychotherapy Association



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