Steps for Promoting WeChat Shop in China

Initially, WeChat was launched as a messaging app and rapidly entered into the world of social media. The core of the business model for WeChat is e-commerce, which means WeChat can become the electronic wallet for its consumers. When users access your website through WeChat, they can use the platform as a billing system via a one-click payment; this offers a seamless user experience and a considerable increase in your sales conversion rate. The following are some techniques that will help you to promote WeChat Shop in China and attract a vast audience.

Built a Good Interface and create a WeChat public account alongside your shop

WeChat Shops are so much success because they offer a seamless way for online shopping. Your store should have a good design so that consumers can easily navigate, visit repeatedly, and share positive feedback with their loved ones. Although there are apps for creating your store, if you are serious about your brand, take professional help for creating a fantastic user experience and make your store genuinely appealing. No doubt, you need to pay a few bucks, but worth it when getting good results.

Having a public account is to create a community and a group of followers for your consumers. You will be using the WeChat public account as a marketing tool for promoting your services and products and attract potential customers. If you take advantage of relevant and targeted content, announcements, news, promotions, and others, you can easily attract new visitors regularly. In the meantime, the followers on your public account can become customers for your WeChat shop. The public accounts are the perfect place for building a strong relationship with existing and new customers and transform them into long-term customers.

Adding only useful and relevant content as well as giveaways and promotions

Your public account can serve the purpose of promoting your WeChat shop only if you have quality content. The ultimate objective is keeping the interest of the followers alive and getting the attention of new ones. You should not be publishing just any random content, and it should be useful and relevant to your audience. With analytics tools, understand your audience’s expectations, needs, interests, or the problems they are facing. After identifying these, curate content that can address their issues and adds value to them. When you are successful in resolving their expectations, your followers would love to commit to your brand for an extended period and will share your content across other platforms. It requires money and time to produce tailored content; however, this is the only way to get hold of your followers.

Providing discounts and free stuff are a great way to attract followers in China as well as globally. When you are offering some giveaways that are valuable for them, they have the urge to come back, and it will boost your sales and customer experience. Moreover, the existing consumers will share your promotions on the web if you can execute them properly; they can become viral and draw countless visitors to your store.


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