some formal dress for the gala evenings and then a great desire

Among the must in the table at Punta Cana you will find: fresh fish, shrimp, crab, calamari, dentex, grouper, cassava and tapioca. Fish is often cooked or seasoned with garlic and creole, accompanied by a spicy sauce; for the barbecue lovers there are various meat specialties served with rice and beans.
Which animals will you meet?

Do you know the fashion of the moment where pink-themed wedding weddings are made with miniatures like original wedding place cards? Here, in Punta Cana you will have the opportunity to meet live the famous pink flamingos, swim with the dolphins, see the rhinoceros iguana closely, take a selfie with turtles and manatees and maybe spot the whales and the rind green prom dress, the bird considered the emblem of the country.
Travel tips
Jet leg: -5 hours in summer, – 6 hours in winter compared to Italy;
Flight hours: from Italy it takes about 12/15 hours of flight with 1 stop;

Language: the official language is Spanish;
Currency: Dominican Peso (DOP), in large hotels and shopping centers you can also pay by American Express, Visa, Eurocard, while in smaller areas it is better to get cash;
Tipping: at all-inclusive resorts or in restaurants you can leave 10% if the service has been particularly satisfying;
Vaccines: there are no vaccines to recommend, pay attention to insects and always drink bottled water.
The honeymoons should all be like this: leaving behind the beautiful but stressful time of the preparations, to discover distant destinations that probably will not be able to easily revise. Backpack on your shoulder, some formal dress for the gala evenings and then a great desire to pack places, perfumes and magic. And if you still have to distribute wedding favors, do not worry, now everything can and must wait. Have a good trip!



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