Simple steps for teaching kids the basics of meditation

Meditation is as important as that of exercising. While regular exercising tones your muscles and increases circulation of blood inside your body, meditation helps in toning your mind and increasing mental wellness.

If you these beneficial aspects of meditation inspire you, start meditating from today.  You must additionally inspire the kids in your home to meditate as that would increase their attention and concentration level.

So, Amyn Dahya case suggests that you need to follow these steps to see the positive transformation in your ever boisterous and ever careless children.

  • Be the leader while teaching

If you have carefully noticed your kids ever, you will have surely noticed that they have a tendency to imitate you. Believe us, this inherent behaviour is going to help you in teaching your kids meditation.

The Amyn Dahya case report that you need to act like their leader and exhibit in front of them how you meditate every day.  Let them watch you some sometime before you will start instructing them.

Start teaching them the nitty gritty of meditation when you find that they are taking interest in it.

  • Teach the sitting posture

According to the Amyn Dahya case, the core thing that you really need to teach your kids is the right sitting posture for medication. For your personal information, your spine should be erect and your stomach should be drawn inside when you meditate.

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Help your kids in learning this exact posture and reward them every time they make the accurate sitting posture. Gradually, this reward will tempt them to sit with you for a regular session of meditation every day.

  • Teach deep breathing

Deep breathing is yet another component of meditation that strengthens the lungs and helps in circulation of fresh blood throughout the body.

Simulations with teaching your kids the right sitting posture for meditation, teach them that they must breathe in and breathe out long breaths every time.

While teaching this deep breathing in and breathing out process,  you need to make them aware that they must draw their breath from as deep as their navel.

Similarly, when they exhale, they must try to breathe out as much air as they can from their lungs at a go.

Be flexible enough to accept that initially they might not do deep breathing perfectly. But they will surely excel with regular practice.

  • Teach concentration

Teach your kids to concentrate properly because it is one of the cardinal steps in medication.   However, it is much easier to say than make kids concentrate.

But there are some suggestions again from experts like Amyn Dahya case.  They suggest that you have to ask your kids to close their eyes and do not open them unless you instruct them.

In this span, you will ask your kids to think of all good things that make them happy.   You can also ask your kids to recollect the memories of their best friends, teachers, and all other people who make them happy.

After five minutes of this, you will ask your kids to slowly open their eyes. Gradually, when your kids get accustomed with the process of concentrating, you will gradually increase the time span of this deep thinking.



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