Settling Down In Colombo: A Brief Outline

Sri Lanka is gradually emerging as a highly favored residential destination among expats who desire to relocate to work in the tourism industry, NGO’s, and the education sector. The majority of these expats come to the cosmopolitan city of Colombo, owing to its flourishing infrastructure. Getting apartments for rent in Colombo city is extremely easy as well, which becomes a huge advantage for these expats.

Working in Colombo 

Colombo is among the biggest hubs of Sri Lanka, both for economy and culture. As a result, it has an extremely active job market, and expats can surely find some interesting opportunities in different sectors. The majority of expats find work in the private sectors of industries such as hospitality, travel and tourism, and customer relations, where having English proficiency is a huge benefit. The manufacture and sales of textiles, materials, and clothing also provide interesting executive and managerial positions which attract several expats.

Living in Colombo

Regardless of the city people decide to relocate to, finding a spacious and comfortable home there is extremely important. All people moving to Colombo must search for modern apartments that are located in a posh and well-connected neighborhood. With a growing number of expats moving to Colombo, the major real estate companies of the city have developed a number of premium apartment buildings across the city. The 2 bed room apartments in Colombo developed by them are located near renowned educational institutions and medical centers of the city, making them an ideal choice for any family person. When beginning an apartment search, determining what apartment size one should look for can be a difficult decision. 2 bedroom apartments are a good choice for people living alone, as well as ones who have a partner and kids. These apartments are quite spacious, and budget-friendly as well. The popular luxury serviced apartments in Colombo additionally is designed especially for the needs of the modern urban class, and hence is equipped with a variety of contemporary amenities.

Healthcare in Colombo

Throughout the past century or so, healthcare has been a major public priority in Colombo.  This city in fact boasts of having one of the most sophisticated free healthcare systems in Asia. Owing to the high quality care which is provided free of charge to all residents, the people of Colombo tend to have a much higher life expectancy than neighboring cities and nations. This is also one of the major factors that makes it an attractive residential destination.


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