Our pipe cleaning service has been in use for you for over 20 years. Regardless of whether you need us in the evening, at night or on a public holiday, we are available for you around the clock. With our professional pipe cleaners, we guarantee the best result at all times with any type of pipe blockage.  spüllwagen

Market pioneer

The undisputed number one in the field of sterile innovation and channeling frameworks is at present the Swiss organization “Geberit”. Established in 1874, Geberit considers itself to be as a full-range provider “before and behind the divider”. Geberit needs to reasonably grow internationalization in the United States and Asia. On the off chance that financial backers are long haul arranged, they frequently use value difficulties to develop a position.  Kanalreinigung



German custom

Here in Germany, the name “Grohe” represents a business person with a long custom, yet in addition for various advancements. Hans Grohe, who concocted the shower bar in the mid 1950s, established the organization more than 100 years prior. From that point forward, the Grohe family actually holds a decent 32 percent of the first organization “Hansgrohe”. The excess 68% are held by the US organization “Masco”. It gained the rights to the stake in 1985 and netted around $ 8.5 billion a year ago! Grohe contributed a turnover of 874 million euros and a benefit of 100.5 million euros.  Toilette verstopft Notdienst



Villeroy and Boch


When discussing custom, there is no way to avoid “Villeroy and Boch”. Its foundations return to 1748. Beginning with the creation of artistic silverware, they changed to sterile items in 1899 because of a monstrous improvement underway innovation. The organization began with the arrangement creation of baths and latrines made of clay. This made clean items reasonable for an enormous number of individuals. Abwasserrohrreinigen


Villeroy and Boch is currently dynamic in 125 nations. The combination goes from simple to-clean latrine bowls to top notch dishes for the cooking business. The inclination share has been exchanged on the stock trade since 1990; the dominant part is still family-possessed today as common offers. While the organization produced deals of 766 million euros, this is contrasted with a market worth of only 350 million euros.  Kanalnotdienst




Line cleaner – a blockbuster of many pipes organizations


A line cleaning eliminates blockages in the channels in the family. It is totally typical for soil to develop in the drainpipes of washbasins, sinks or baths after some time. The vast majority of the earth is a result of hair, skin or food buildups. Stops up in channels and lines are not difficult to recognize. They are consistently perceptible when the water streams gradually or not in the least. At that point it is critical to manage a line cleaning.




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