Risk Factors Contributing To Divorce


In Australia, about 38% of all marriages end up in divorce. Usually, the initial years of marriage are full of excitement and happiness. Everything the partners do and say is right and endearing. However, the spark between the couple starts to wear off, and the risk of relationship breakdown becomes higher over time.

Couples might lose interest, and this happens for several years. It might be due to financial problems or relationship stress after having a baby. Perhaps, cheating and lack of communication. While several factors can affect a relationship, with the right support like couples counselling Hills District, you could find marital success in the long run. By educating yourself about the factors, you could make informed decisions.

Here are the risk factors:-

Too Many Secrets

Are you a secretive person? It’s okay to do a couple of things without the knowledge of your partner. But, if you have too many secrets, you are risking your relationship. Even the most innocent lie can jeopardise the bond that you have struggled so hard to build the relationship. A relationship that is built on lies can break the trust and bond once you shared with your partner.

Whether you are suffocating in your marriage, unable to express yourself, or unhappy and sexually not satisfied, consider family therapy Hills District. Keeping secrets and not being communicated with your partner won’t help you in any way to fix the relationship. Be honest; what’s wrong if you share your secrets with your partner? The more you are honest, the more trust and bond you both could share.

Poor Communication

It’s the biggest enemy of a relationship. Communication helps relationships strong and healthy. No matter how well you both get along, how much you have in common, lack of relationship can lead to misunderstanding, fights, and even worse, breakups. The love and romance you once had can vanish into thin air suddenly if you don’t communicate well.

Parenting Disagreements

Childbirth is a true blessing. However, the way of bringing up kids and parenting responsibility can impact the balance of your relationship, and you will no longer be the two of you. If you both don’t agree on a mutual way to raise the kids, you both end up fighting, and your relationship will be strained.

Financial Hardship

Love is beautiful and powerful. But, money is a key factor to live a comfortable life. Financial problems can stifle your relationship, particularly when there’s lack of communication. It is best to seek professional help for counselling Hills District.

The author is a professional marriage counsellor located in the Hills District. He provides support and counselling Hills District for individuals and couples. Visit http://georgebruncounselling.com.au/ for more details.

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