Renault Zoe – The Best Electric Car


As electric vehicle sales continue to rise in Australia, it seems that electric vehicles are no more a buzzword. Yes, it has turned into present-day reality.

That said, it’s not that easy to switch from gasoline to electric cars. Still, some vehicle owners haven’t accepted that electric cars are a good alternative. But, what they have failed to realise is that electric vehicles are the future of the automobile industry due to gasoline vehicles’ environmental impacts.

If you have made up your mind to buy an electric vehicle, you’ll be glad you made it. Of course, you will have a million questions on your mind, from which vehicle to buy, how to maintain, how to charge, what’s the mileage and much more. Don’t fret; we are here to help you navigate the world of electric cars.

Which is the best electric car to buy?

A pioneer in Europe, Renault is developing more dynamic electric cars to satisfy customer requirements. Thanks to Renault’s cutting-edge electric vehicles. Take a step into the future and discover a new driving experience with the new Renault Zoe! With no engine noise, vibration, carbon emissions, the new Renault ZOE has revolutionised electric mobility. Renault ZOE is the car of unique styling with its soft lines and smooth, flowing design.

In addition to it, ZOE has an effortless, clean styling appearance throughout the car. While at the front, the signature light exhibits ZOE’s electric identity. The transparent tail lights with blue edges reflect the car’s lively character from the rear.

Charge ZOE anywhere

Yes, the new Renault ZOE can be charged anywhere; at the office, home, on the street, in supermarkets, shopping malls, or motorway service areas. Thanks to Z.E. 40 battery and Renault charging station! You can even opt for a home Renault car charger, which can be installed in your home, and get your ZOE recharged within a few cars. Recharging ZOE is fast and very simple. The latest model Renault electric car charger adapts to different power levels and adjusts the charging time according to the point used. In just 30 minutes, it is possible to get up to 60km of real range.

Innovative Battery and Engine

The new Renault ZOE uses an innovative Z.E. 40 battery that delivers 400km NEDC in just a single charge. It is easy to charge, regardless of the state of charge and requires no maintenance. The smooth, silent engine of the new Renault ZOE maximises driveability. And the ingenious, compact, and reliable engine provides an enjoyable drive.

As you see, Renault’s ZOE offers a quiet motor, no gear changes, 100% torque, no petrol stations. ZOE provides a relaxed driving pleasure along with easy recharge options. Just go for Renault ZOE; you won’t regret it!

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