Reasons That Makes Kandivali East a realty hotspot

Kandivali East is one of the most preferred locations in the city of Mumbai. It has a lot of attractions around as well. Kandivali also lies in the western region of Mumbai, which is admired for its affluent localities and posh surroundings.

Real estate development in Kandivali East might not have been on a par with the abutting areas like Borivali, Dahisar, etc.; however, it is sought-after as a good area from the real estate investment point of view.

There has been some progress recently, and Kandivali East is still a big attraction for builders and potential buyers alike. Buying a 1 or 2 BHK Flat In Kandivali can be great from a residence or investment point of view.

Out of the numerous reasons to make Kandivali East a realty hotspot, some are listed below.

1- Connectivity to good localities

Kandivali is a region in the suburbs of Mumbai in the western part of Mumbai. It is close to more affluent regions like Borivali and Andheri. Local train is the most preferred method of commuting for people in the overall region.

Traveling from Kandivali to these regions and back can be free of hassle, and commuting daily for a job, entertainment, hospitalization needs, etc., will not be a challenge for those who wish to relocate there.

Besides, going to Borivali airport is just at a 30 minutes driving distance.

So, buying a 1 or 2 BHK Flat In Kandivali can be great.

2- Good industrial hub

With Enso Group Sanza planning to start new projects in Kandivali East, the grandeur of the region is going to multiply manifold.

However, existing establishments like Kandivali Charkop Industrial Estate, Gundecha Industrial Estate, Jai Bonanza Industrial Estate, Akurli Industrial Estate and Balaji Industrial Estate have not only gentrified the region but also offer ample job opportunities to people.

3- Neighbouring infrastructure

Kandivali East is perhaps not that posh and luxurious as Kandivali West and other adjacent regions are. Apart from the elegance and luxurious nature, there are numerous schools, hospitals, colleges, cinemas, and other entertainment sources.

Living in Kandivali East allows easy traveling to different regions. Train and even road route travel can offer unmatched access and reachability to these neighboring regions.

4- It is ideal from the investment point of view

Investing in properties is one of the best ways of ensuring security to the investment. Investing in metropolitans like Mumbai can be the best way of assuring a good future-orientated investment.

Buying a new house in the developed regions, i.e., the urban regions, can be a far-fetched idea for some as the prices are in crores.

If you wish to buy a Residential Property In Kandivali East for the time being, then it can be a really good investment, and you can vouch for a good resale value. Buying a 1 BHK Flat In Kandivali can really be great from an investment point of view.

TO Wrap Up

Buying a 1 BHK Flat In Kandivali can be one of the best decisions one can make from an investment perspective. Besides, the neighboring locations are posh, and Kandivali East is being gentrified rapidly, coercing builders to plan new projects in the region. Commuting to work is also not difficult due to the dependable nexus of trains and buses.

The luxuriousness of the neighboring regions and their social infrastructure also appeal to the people of the region and have seamlessly attracted people.

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