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Those players who were looking for consequence in their Star Wars: The Old Republic storyline can, I’m glad to say, look to Knights of the Eternal Throne to get it. Although the Vaylin side of the story will remain virtually unchanged regardless of the player’s choices, it’s possible to lose multiple companions, and there is even one choice where you have to choose one companion over the other. However, the quality of the story really hinges on how much you like or dislike Valkorion’s family. They are a bunch of rich brats doing bratty things, so on a personal level, I couldn’t care less about them.And don’t forget to visit for cheap swtor credits with up to $10 cash off.

You know what I do care about, though? The Empire and the Republic. You know what most fans of Star Wars care about? The Empire and the Republic, or possibly the Jedi and the Sith. Whether it’s a story buried in the conflict of those two armies colliding or it’s a gangster taking advantage of being in the middle of those two opposing parties, the Empire and the Republic have been central to all the engaging Star Wars stories.

For this specific reason, it’s time for BioWare to tear down the Eternal Empire.

Intimate choices
I don’t want to imply that writing for an MMO is easy by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, creating a compelling storyline in an MMORPG is probably one of the most difficult jobs in all of games writing. The games that have done it well have usually resorted to telling a single-player story as an integrated part of a multiplayer game. SWTOR is probably the prime example, but Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars 2, and The Secret World do the same thing with varying degrees of success. Probably more than the other games, SWTOR attempted to make the story extremely personal.

The core game gives the players eight different story choices that coincide with the class choices. On the next level down, dark and light choices create a deeper personal story. And lastly, we have choices that aren’t related to dark-side or light-side but rather have to do with character personality. These choices in the main story don’t even touch on the romantic choices players have with their companions. These choices are far from perfect, but the idea is to make your character belong to you.

It’s possible to take the existing story and make it personal again. It’s possible for BioWare to do a kind of historical reset by destroying the Eternal Empire, and the best way to do that is to make the scope smaller and make the stakes bigger. You have 30 or more disposable companions and some that are waiting to come back. The player needs to lose some. And by some, I mean about half. The player character also needs to lose the Eternal Empire. He, in my case, needs to choose to fully support the Republic or the Empire.

The story already has a major divergence based on the Iokath superweapon; BioWare needs to embrace that and take it to the next level. I enjoyed the stories on Makeb that were completely separate depending on your faction. I would definitely love to go back to that, but barring time restraints, a story that has nuances that are different would be fine.

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