Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney before Hiring Them


Before hiring a personal injury attorney in Albuquerque for your accident case, it is your responsibility to ask all the appropriate questions to ensure that you’ve made the right choice. A proper attorney will thoroughly answer all your questions and help you better understand your legal rights, including compensation options.

Here is a compiled list of the most important questions you should ask your Albuquerque personal injury attorney.

What types of personal injury cases do you specialize in?

It is important to ensure that the attorney you are hiring specializes in different types of personal injury areas. You should make sure that your attorney has ample experience in handling cases like yours. This question helps you to clarify whether his or her experience and expertise is the best fit for your specific case needs.

Who are the members working on my case?

Attorneys can be busy, and this is the reason why most of them have a highly-qualified team to help their clients. So, check whether the attorney you are considering has a highly qualified team of paralegals who can help you get through the claim successfully.

How often do my cases go to the court?

The Albuquerque personal injury lawyer you chose must be willing to stick with your case until the very end. Many attorneys will not take their client’s cases to court if their negotiations fail. As a result, the attorney may push your case off to another firm.

What is your fee?

There are attorneys who will not receive the fee amount unless or until the trial ends in your favor, at which point the attorney collects a settlement on your behalf. So, ask them beforehand about the percentage of the settlement they will keep after a settlement. Also, make sure that the percentage they are quoting is equivalent to the quality of work they do.

How long will you take to respond my queries?

Think of a situation where you are calling with a question, and nobody is available to help you. It can be frustrating! A superior law firm guarantees answering your emergency calls immediately and if they are initially unavailable, will get back to you within 24 hours.

When can I speak with my actual attorney?

Most of the leading law firms have an intake expert who will initially speak with you and obtain the details of your case. But, you should never have any issues in contacting your lawyer after the firm accepts your case. If you are still struggling to talk to your lawyer, then it is a sure sign that you are not being given the attention you and your case deserve.

Hiring an experienced personal injury or car accident attorney in Albuquerque has a great chance of protecting your legal rights and getting the best settlement.

The author of this article is the leading personal injury attorney in Albuquerque with over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he lists a few questions to ask before hiring an attorney. Visit for more information.



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