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Powertrac Tractor Models 2021

Powertrac is one of the fastest-growing tractor manufacturing brands which is acquiring 

the Indian tractor share market. This tractor company offers the product by keeping in mind farmers’ futures. Powertrac provides the best tractor solutions that will increase the efficiency and speed of their work. Powertrac strongly believes that farmers can use super fast machinery to help them reduce their dependence on old age farming.


Powertrac is involved in the low HP manufacturing tractors to pulling and post-harvesting farming types of equipment. If you want to select both fast farming and multiple operations then Powertrac Tractor is the only solution.


Powertrac is an international renowned tractor brand owned by Escorts Agri Machinery. The brand provides up to date design and the latest technology to their tractor models. Powertrac tractor price ranges between Rs. 3.30 – Rs. 11.90 lakhs in India. The most popular Powertrac tractor model is Powertrac 435 Plus, available in the price range of Rs. 5.10 lakhs in India. However, Powertrac 434 Plus is the brand’s cheapest tractor model, which is available at the price of Rs. 4.90 – Rs. 5.20 lakhs in India. Powertrac offers only 25 tractor models in India. Powertrac tractor HP ranges between 25 HP – 75 HP category. Powertrac tractor models include Powertrac Euro 50 , Powertrac 439 DS Plus , Powertrac 434 , Powertrac EURO 42 PLUS , powertrac 445 DS ,Powertrac Euro 60 , Powertrac 4455 DS + Euro , Powertrac 437 price and more.


If we talk about the powertrac euro 42 plus price then it starts from 5.80 Lac. If you are interested in Powertrac Euro 42 Plus on road price then contact Khetigaadi executives.


Powertrac Euro 55 has a 55 HP engine which is much more for all types of agriculture-related operations. This is the unique tractor launched by Powertrac for the Indian farmers. Powertrac Euro 55 is best for crops like grapes, Potato, Onion, sugarcane, cotton, Tomato, and orchards, etc. If we talk about the Powertrac Euro 55 price then this Euro 55 starts from 7.20 Lac. To know more about the Powertrac Euro 55 price contact khetigaadi executive.


powertrac tractor 45 hp price is Suitable for Farmers.Powertrac Euro 45 is started at 6.30 Lac. To know more about Powertrac Euro 45 on road price contact Khetigaadi executives.


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