Potential Reasons You Suffer from Tooth Pain

Nowadays, tooth pain has become the most common dental problems. There is a massive queue of dentists visiting the right dentist for getting rid of tooth pain and overcome other concerns. Toothache occurs when dental issues persist for a few days and then lead to more significant problems. When you opt for early treatment, you can prevent the pain as well as the condition from getting worse. The following reasons help you to understand why people suffer from tooth pain in Springfield, VA.

Tooth decay and Gum issues

Cavities lead to tooth decay that affects the enamel. When the corrosion damages the enamel, then it advances towards dentine, thereby causing sensitivity and pain. Ultimately, it reaches the tooth’s innermost layer known as pulp that causes sharp pain in the tooth.

Gum disease leads to redness, inflammation, and bleeding along with tooth pain. Please visit your dentist at the earliest else, bones and gums may deteriorate further. The dentist may advise you to opt for gum treatment for cleaning the bacteria and prevent further damage to the adjacent gums and bones.

Tooth sensitivity due to temperature and incorrect flossing and brushing

If you are experiencing any pain during or after consuming cold or hot drinks or foods, this may cause sensitivity in the tooth. The enamel can be damaged and lead to exposure of dentine. The end part of the nerves stays over there, creating tooth sensitivity that is exposed to anything.

Many people put too much pressure on during flossing and brushing that leads to bleeding in gums. When you are applying extra pressure for a long time, it causes the gums to shrunk and damage the teeth, thereby resulting in tooth pain in Springfield, VA.

Dental abscess and inflammation of the sinus

Due to dead nerves or gum issues, you may experience dental abscess. It is chronic and produced around the teeth. Sometimes there will be excess swelling and pain. It is crucial to visit a dentist as soon as possible, as the abscess is an infection that damages your overall health condition.

When there is inflammation of sinuses due to the flu or the common cold, you will suffer from tooth pain. In such a condition, you will have various symptoms in upper teeth that cause constant pain, pressure, and sensitivity.

Fractures or injuries and damaged dental fillings

You may suffer from chipped or cracked teeth because of an injury from sports, accident, or eating something hard. Severe tooth pain occurs when the fracture is extended to the middle of the tooth where nerve endings are located. There may be days when you will not be experiencing any pain despite having cracks in the tooth. Your dental professional can suggest picking fractured teeth before it causes any major issue.

Dental fillings protect sensitive areas of your tooth. Due to damaged fillings, the sensitive regions are exposed to bacteria, pressure, food particles, and temperature. So, when chewing, you can experience sensitivity and pain.


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