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Periodontitis is one of the most common gum issues that people are facing these days, and if you find yourself with any symptom of it, then you should contact your dentist as soon as possible. In most cases, the first thing your dentist will do is ask about your family’s medical history and symptoms to understand your dental health and possible causes. Small tests are conducted, like x-rays, to check about the bone loss and depth of the pockets in the gums.


Poor dental hygiene – If you don’t give much importance to daily dental hygiene, then it’s easier to get periodontitis.

Smoking – Smoking is one of the main causes for periodontitis in most seen cases.

Weak immune system – It’s known that people with weak immune systems, either because of illnesses or negative habits, are more likely to get periodontics

Poor nutrition – Poor Nutrition can also be a huge factor regarding dental issues.

Family history – Family history of gum diseases or periodontitis can be a reason for dental issues.

Piercings – Tongue or lip piercings are a common reason to get mouth infections as well.


Unlike various other dental issues which usually can be eliminated by good oral hygiene, with periodontitis you need professional help. Tuxedo Dental is the place where you can get the solution to all your mouth-related issues in one place. When you have deep gum pockets present, deep cleaning is required and it can only be done by professionals with precaution.

When you contact a professional dentist at Tuxedo Dental, they will suggest root planing. The expert dentist first removes plaque and calculus below the gumline and primes the root, and then reattaches it to the gums. The process is somewhat similar to regular cleaning but it requires more sophisticated tools, as the cleaning process goes further below the gumline. You won’t feel any pain, because local anesthetic will be given to you to ease the process. Once the deep cleaning is done you should keep visiting your dentist regularly to check on the healing gums. For more details about periodontists here in Winnipeg, visit our site and know more about periodontist Winnipeg.

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When it comes to dental treatment, you should always go with the best, and with any professional dentist at Tuxedo Dental, you will never have a mediocre experience. It is the best place to treat dental problems, with years of experience. The dental clinic has offered its services for over 35 years and has some of the best dentists in Winnipeg working with them.

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