Owning a Maine Coon

The Maine Coon gets its name from the state it hails from Maine. These long-haired cats are quite popular, and it’s easy to understand why. To put it simply, they make great pets! Learn more about this breed in this article from a vet clinic Ellicott City, MD.

What do Maine Coons look like?

Maine Coons are on the large end of the size spectrum, usually weighing between 12 and 18 pounds. They’re notable for their shaggy, water-repellent coats of fur, and most Maine Coons are brown or tan-colored.

What’s the Maine Coon’s temperament?

Generally speaking, Maine Coons are docile, friendly, intelligent cats. They get along well with other cats, most dogs, and even children—they make good pets for most families. Interestingly, Maine Coons tend to like water, and owners often find their pets playing with a drip from the tap or taking a dip in the tub!

What are the Main Coon’s care needs?

Caring for a Maine Coon is mostly like caring for any other cat. Because of their long coats, they’ll need regular grooming with a brush. Maine Coons will also need a healthy diet and plenty of exercises.

To learn more, call your veterinarian Ellicott City, MD.

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