Louvre Roof – A Modern Shading System That Adds Beauty to Any Space


If you are considering extending your outdoor living space, there’s no better option than louvre roof systems. Yes, louvre roof systems are a unique, versatile structure that provides that not only provide shade to an outdoor area but also enhance the curb appeal of a home or office. In fact, Louvre roof systems are a cost-effective and excellent way to define and expand any outdoor space, regardless of size, as they virtually add extra room without a big investment. Louvered roof has become a staple for creating functional and beautiful; outdoor living spaces.

Whether you want to create outdoor dining with kitchen, an alluring garden with a kids’ playground, or a relaxing oasis where you could spend some time outdoors, installing louvre roof systems is a wise choice. We have a wide variety of louvre systems available to ensure fantastic results. However, before you go any further, it is essential to know the basics about these architectural shade features.

What Are Louvre Roof Systems?

Louvre roof system consists of series of slats known as the blades. The slats can be opened and closed according to the weather conditions while providing the ventilation needed. Louvre roof systems can be installed in the outdoor entertainment areas or attached to the sides of buildings as an extension of the roof. Often, these shading systems are used to extend the outdoors to create more space and shelter people and buildings from the elements. Louvre roof systems are architecturally striking and can be used as a design element. Whether you are looking for a freestanding pergola, shade over a porch or veranda, weather protection around a home or office, roof louvre systems tick all the boxes.

The latest model louvre roof comes with in-built automatic sensors and light controls that automatically close and opens the slats according to the weather. It could even be connected with your smart home system.

Different Types of Louvre Roof Systems

Electric Louvre Roof

Electric louvre roof systems can be opened and closed with just a push of a button. Electrically automated roof systems are perfect for large and heavy structures that would be difficult to operate manually, especially in commercial settings. However, it could be used in residence as some love the convenience of electrically operated shading systems.

Manual Louvre Roof

As the name suggests, louvre roof systems should be operated manually to close and open. It can be operated using an internal pulley system or equipment to adjust the blades. However, it is suitable for a small shading system or above a patio area.


Once installed, the louvre’s slats can’t be opened or closed. The slats are carefully angled to face the midday sun and provide weather resistance.

The louvre roof prices are greatly influenced by the type of shading system and feature it has. For further queries, please get in touch with us.

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