Looking For The Best Rollator With Seat Across UK? Discover Great Product Finds At Clearwell Mobility

Clearwell Mobility (https://www.clearwellmobility.co.uk) is one of the top suppliers of mobility aids and other home healthcare apparatuses across the UK. Some of their best-selling products are the rollator with seat, scooter, powerchair, wheelchair, stairlift, ramping, and so on. These types of equipment are helpful for the disabled and the elderly in their everyday routines. They can help alleviate their struggle in doing simple activities like walking, exercising, climbing up the stairs, etc. Enjoy their free delivery promo as well for all orders priced at £50 and above! (Prices are subject to change without prior notice).

One of the most useful walking aid for those with mobility issues is the rollator with a seat, also known as a wheeled walker. Such wheeled mobility aid differs greatly from a traditional walker because the user does not have to “lift” the walker itself to move forward. Instead, it can be “pushed” forward, which requires lesser effort.

Rollators with seat come in three-wheel and four-wheel models. One of the primary picks from Clearwell Mobility is the Marlow Rollator, a four-wheeled walker with a seat that can be folded up for easy transport, carry, and storage. It also features a mesh seat and a backrest so the user can rest in between long walks anytime they want. This is perfect for those who quickly get tired because they do not have to worry about looking for a place to rest. They simply have to prop the device up and sit wherever they want.

At Clearwell Mobility, they believe that mobility aids can restore confidence, freedom and a sense of independence to the user. Having to move with constant personal assistance can be, at times, frustrating, embarrassing and tiring. Now, they can move freely without additional help from another person. This can boost their self-esteem, knowing that they can go out and about wherever and whenever they want.

Clearwell Mobility does not only ensure that their products meet the highest of standards, but they also give importance to their customer service and continually enhances their service. Their five-star rating and positive reviews are proofs that their client service is top-notch. One customer even remarked, “So good to have a local showroom. I have bought a lot from you and always satisfied with both product and service. Thank you”.

To know more about their products and services, visit their website at https://www.clearwellmobility.co.uk.

About Clearwell Mobility

A family-operated company established by husband-and-wife tandem Duncan and Natasha Gillett, Clearwell Mobility is now one of the prime suppliers of mobility aids and home healthcare equipment. Since 2004, they have provided the highest quality of products and customer service. Today, their company has expanded to 12 shops located all over the South East.  This supplier is also a certified Community Equipment Dispenser, and their staff are fully trained to serve customers fairly. For inquiries, you may fill out their contact form at https://www.clearwellmobility.co.uk/contact-us. Alternatively, you may call 01444 253 300 to talk to one of their customer representatives.

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