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During RS Mourning’s End Part I, you aren’t required to unequip or re-equip the Mourners’ Outfit to enter Head Mourner’s House. Besides, there are also many fixes to other miniquests revealed in the Patch Notes on Jan. 11.

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RS Mourning’s End Part I fix with Mourners’ Outfit 

Mourning’s End Part I is a member-only master quest in the elf series. Based on the Patch Notes this week, we notice that Mourning’s End Part I has changed on Mourners’ Outfit. Mourners’ Outfit is obtained in this quest and worn by Mourners. From Jan. 11, you are no longer asked to unequip and re-equip the Mourners’ Outfit to access to the Head Mourner’s House in Mourning’s End Part I.

More improvements to RS miniquests 

On top of that, you can also see other miniquests’ improvements from this week’s Patch Notes, such as:
1. In Rebuild Edgeville miniquest, the tasklist given by Mandrith shows text correctly.
2. In the Mahjarrat Memories quest, the progress messages now count up towards the correct number of memories retrieved.
3. Upon the completion of The Light Within, Herald doesn’t reference Seren being in pieces.
4. In the Do No Evil, Leela can’t interrupt your dialogue with Senliten any more.
5. In the Do No Evil quest, a certain cutscene now plays properly after using Leela to teleport.
6. In Rune Mysteries, the hat worn during Rune Guardian’s test now changes color as expected without having to re-equip it.
7. If the prerequisite quests are not completed, the Slayer masters won’t assign corrupted creatures as a task.
8. There is a dialogue for the Skull Mercenary during the Ghosts of the Past miniquest.

Are you satisfied with the fixes to RS Mourning’s End Part I or other miniquests?

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