Learn About Veterinary Anesthesia

Most pets need to undergo anesthesia at some point or another. As a pet owner, you’ll want to know about this common procedure. Read on as your vet clinic Chesapeake, VA fills you in on the basics of veterinary anesthesia.

What is anesthesia, exactly?

Anesthesia involves the administration of gases that render a pet unconscious. (This is known as general anesthesia.) There is also localized anesthesia, in which only one part of the body loses sensation. Anesthesia can be used for everything from major surgery to dental cleanings.

How does anesthesia work?

Anesthetic gases are administered through an IV line running into your pet’s body. An anesthesiologist monitors your pet’s vital signs the entire time they’re under. After the procedure is over, your pet will wake up on their own after a few hours.

Is it risky?

Modern veterinary anesthesia is extremely reliable, low-risk, and safe. Millions of pets receive anesthesia every year; it’s one of the most valuable tools your veterinarian has in their arsenal.

Would you like to know more about anesthesia and how it works? Wondering if your pet needs to undergo a procedure that may require anesthesia? We can help. Call your pet clinic Chesapeake, VA today.

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